Still a mess

In an update to this post, it appears that a judge has issued an arrest warrant for Jevon Hughes. Not for the arson that put an innocent child in the hospital, but for the alleged kidnapping that happened a few days before.

The News 9 story has “gun” all over it. But the police didn’t find a gun when they confronted Hughes in the parking lot after the alleged kidnapping. The police did their catch and release thing with some drug charges instead.

So just to update: this story still a mess. Did he have a gun and if so how did a paraplegic man manage to dispose of it before the police got there? And if Hughes didn’t set the fire that put a baby in the hospital (the description gave the suspects height and said he “ran away” so it is unlikely to be Hughes), then just how unlucky does this family have to be?

Abducts women and children for housekeys?

Anyway, if you see this man rolling with his homies, then call the MWC police at (405) 739-1306. I have my doubts about him kidnapping anyone, but he is still a bad guy and still wanted. Hopefully the court can sort out this mess.

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