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Happy New Year

Don’t bother wishing me a safe new year. I plan on doing many stupid and dangerous things this year, but in the safest way possible. If you can’t play safe, I at least hope you have fun and profitable year.


QOTD: Nuge

“Sometimes you give the world the best you got and get kicked in the teeth. Give the world the best you got anyway.” — Ted Nugent

It ain’t over until it is over

Freire said that when the disturbance escalated and the group began cursing, his wife called the manager, who asked several of the teenagers to leave the theater. The couple said they thought the fracas was over until they walked out of the theater and were assaulted by a mob of menacing teenagers.

Via FoxNews

I tell my students all the time, “The fight isn’t over until you are at home with the dog inside, the doors locked, and the alarm on.”

QOTD: Black Market

“Black market light bulbs. Black market toilets. Using “off road” air intakes on cars. Popping flow restrictors off of shower heads. It’s like I woke up in some bad Soviet era novel.” — SayUncle

Deadly Home Invasion Was A Case Of Mistaken Identity

TULSA, Oklahoma — Police arrested two teens accused of murdering a father just five hours after the man celebrated his son’s first birthday.

Two men broke into the victim’s home to rob them, held the family at gunpoint, and then Jerry Van Ellen followed them outside. That’s when they shot him in the chest and killed him.

Police say the two men planned to break into a drug dealer’s house, but they got the wrong address and ended up inside the home of an innocent family instead.


This is a terrible tragedy for the husband, his wife, and their baby son. I’m not going to criticize a man who lost his life protecting his family. Anyone who fights back is bucking the pussified system we’ve been force fed and I’m all for that. But I am going to tell you what to do so you can avoid the same outcome.

  1. Weigh the odds. The more bad guys vs good guys the less chance you have of coming out on top; forget what you see in the movies.
  2. If the bad guys break contact and you can’t shoot them as they flee, then take the opportunity to solidify your position. Find better cover, acquire better weapons (or reload), and call for reinforcements (the police or your friends with guns).
  3. Don’t move from a known friendly position to an unknown position unless you have to. “Have to” for me is they have my wife or one of my children. Or maybe if they shot my dog or something. Just kidding.
  4. When the police get there they will mop up the bad guys. Or if it is your friends with guns who get there, then carefully and systematically clear the area. There is no need to hurry because you have solidified your position in step 2. You’re no longer protecting yourself from wolves, you are hunting them down.

I have no problem criticizing Sgt. Mike Huff of the Tulsa Police department for this statement:

“This crap with videogames and teenagers running around with [a] gun and thinking life is a game. They’re gonna wake up in prison someday,” Sgt. Huff said.

Of course we all know that before video games kids never found an excuse to rob and kill people. This reminds me of when Judas Priest was on trial for inciting two kids to kill themselves with subliminal messages in their music. I can’t remember who said it, but it always rang true, “If the message had said ‘mow the lawn’ would there have been drunken teenagers pushing the mower around the front yard?” Criminals don’t need a video game to incite them to rob and kill. Which brings us to this bit of commentary from the article:

Police say young criminals have a misplaced sense of honor, courage and duty.

Really? Ya think? News9 needed “police” to tell them that? Criminals are morally deficient by definition.

Terrible story and tragic outcome. If a home invasion happens to you I pray it is the bad guy’s wife who morns the loss and not yours.

The Scary Door

The West Side Rifle & Pistol Range–Manhattan’s only public shooting site–is in the heart of Chelsea, one of New York City’s most progressive neighborhoods. The range is right next door to the New VIP Club, a gentlemen’s cabaret. With even the slightest easterly breeze, the strippers’ pungent perfume accosts visitors to the West Side as they reach for the door.


Reading about this gun range sounds like I’m reading about another world. How can this be in the land of the free? Sweet Mary, is that a chain wrapped around that rifle like a carnival game?

West Side Rifle & Pistol members, come to Oklahoma City. At H&H you can shoot for $9 per hour. If you don’t have one of your own, you can rent a handgun or a rifle for another $9 or so with nothing for collateral but your drivers license. I’ve never been, but they even have times they’ll let you shoot full-auto rifles. Oh, and just show up. No membership or background check required. We all have guns here, what would be the point?

Yeah. 220… 221, whatever it takes.

Would any of this be legal if instead of the State of Oklahoma, the Feds gave $16 million to a private corporation?

Merry Christmas

Spending Christmas with the family. Hopefully you are too. Wherever you are I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy, profitable, and freedom filled New Year.

This is probably my favorite Christmas song:

QOTD: Irony Edition

“I have always wished for my computer to be as easy to use as my telephone; my wish has come true because I can no longer figure out how to use my telephone.” -Bjarne Stroustrup

It’s ironic because he is the creator of one of the most overly complex computer languages created in modern times when someone should have known better; C++.


Sorry for the lack of posting. Work, work, work. But yesterday I got a break and went to see two movies in the same day. If you want to bend your mind a little, I recommend going to see hippie Jeff Bridges in futuristic Tron Legacy and then drunken gunfighter in True Grit. Both movies were good and show just what a good actor Jeff Bridges is.

Tron Legacy seems to be getting some iffy reviews. My take is that if you expected this movie to correct or at least shy away from the glaring logic and consistency problems of the original, then you will be sorely disappointed. However, if you expected this one to have tons of highly stylized and computer generated violence along with super hot chicks in tight clothes, then score!

For a remake of a classic, True Grit was better than 3:10 to Yuma from a couple of years ago. Hailee Steinfeld steals almost the entire movie. There is hardly a scene she isn’t in and every scene she is in she dominates. It was amazing to see her transformation.  From the self-confident, domineering, city girl pushing everyone around to a very unsure and almost shy girl when taken out of her element on the hunt for the man who killed her daddy.

I liked ’em both and Jeff Bridges was good in Tron and better in True Grit. But that may be because he was a hippie in Tron and a butt kicker in True Grit.