Unpossible School Gunfight

By now you’ve probably heard about the gunman in Florida who attempted to murder several school board members. Here is a video of almost the entire encounter (they edit out the part where the goblin offs himself at the end):

Lots of talk around the interwebs about who should have done what. I’d like to point out that the gunfight was ended because a good guy with a gun ended it. By Florida law, that good guy was also the only one legally allowed to carry a gun at a public school board meeting. Not even the guys on the school board itself could have legally carried there. I’m not sure about the penalty, but in Oklahoma it would be a felony for me to carry a gun there and I would expect to spend time in Oklahoma’s PMITA prison. Hell, I can’t even carry a pocket knife on school property without risking jail time.

There was a really good opportunity to do something. When the woman hits the guy with her purse from behind. He turns his back on the board and threatens her. Those two guys at the end of the table could have acted right then. But look at them. Bill Husfelt is at least in his 60s. The guy in the red jacket is probably in his 70s. Mr Husfelt has a heart attack when the goblin starts shooting. Are either of these guys physically capable of taking the goblin on? I’m sorry, are any of these disarmed by the state men capable of taking the goblin on? I firmly believe that my 42 year old self would have kicked his ass assuming I was one of those guys at the end of the table. But please spare me your “sheep” and “sheep dog” comments. The state denied everyone there the most effective means of self-defense. And eventually almost every sheep dog becomes a defenseless sheep thanks to the ravages of age.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, lets talk about what everyone at that desk could have and should have done. The picture shows the goblin just as he is getting ready to fire. Amazingly this is the farthest point he gets from them the whole time. He could have easily wacked them when he was up by the desk, but instead chose to step back about 18 feet. A competitive shooter would have no problem getting headshots on each board member strong hand at that distance. I would have no problem getting center mass hits. But for your average Joe couldn’t hit the broad side of the proverbial barn. And in fact, this guy misses every shot. It looks like Mr. Husfelt is shot, but really he is in the middle of a heart attack.

So if you are ever in this situation (no firearm of your own), with an untrained shooter at 6 yards or more, run. Run away and at an angle if possible. As soon as you think there is going to be shooting, or when the goblin is distracted (like he was when he turns his head to look at the back of the room just before he starts busting caps), run. There are exits on both sides of that desk and each person should run to the closest one. Nothing is 100% certain, but even trained shooters have a hard time hitting moving targets at 6 yards and you are adding yards to that distance every 1/2 second.

UPDATE: Here is a second view:

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  • mupedalpusher  On December 15, 2010 at 1:55 pm

    Amen! I would rather take my chances trying to escape than to be executed while doing nothing!

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