Border incursions not just from Mexican immigrants, but also its state and federal police and military keep happening. For some reason no one ever looks at these as acts of war. Our government under Obama and Bush seems to act like these are no big deal.

In today’s edition we have an unmaned aerial drone owned by the Mexican government that managed to get itself crashed in an El Paso Texas housing edition. Don’t worry about there being any sort of embarrassing investigation though. The Border Patrol warned off the local PD saying 10lb objects falling out of the sky into your citizens back yard is None Of Your Business. Apparently it is none of the NTSBs business either because the BP scooped it right out of the private yard and rushed it right back across the border.

I just love it when our own government covers for other countries. Kind of makes me wonder who’s side they are on. But I’ve known it wasn’t my side for some time (was that over the top? I can never tell).

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