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My pancreas is hurting…

…from laughing so much reading this list of negligent discharges (via SayUncle). Look there are two types of gun owners, those that have had an ND and those that will. I had an ND and I admit that freely. 20 years or so ago when I was a noob and hadn’t had the 4 rules properly ingrained into me. I was in my house moving a loaded gun from one room to the next with my finger resting on the trigger. Bang. Hole in the floor. Lucky it wasn’t my foot. Stupido.

The list is from the San Francisco Police Department so you’d expect they would have had some decent training. But still, people make mistakes which is why it is stupid to put anyone on a pedestal as some sort of expert that we should always trust.

So why am I laughing? Because of this:

A SWAT team entered a smoke-filled house on New Year’s Day 2007 to capture a parole violator believed to be armed and dangerous. Wearing a gas mask and tasked with conducting a search of the rear bedroom, one officer swung his M-4 rifle to his rear side in order to use both his hands to open closet doors and sift through dresser drawers. “It is suspected that the officer’s rifle snagged upon his equipment with sufficient force to disengage the safety and discharge his weapon,” the report reads.

I promise I will look high and low, but I bet I will not find a single firearms instructor who believes this story. Come one fella, you already had the ND and you are responsible for it no matter what, just say you didn’t put the safety on.

So that little switch on the right is the “safety”. On mine it has two positions, since SWAT dude is extra special his probably has 3 positions (one for full auto). But the “safe” position is the same. So whatever gear snaggage there was had to rotate that lever in one direction while pulling the trigger in another direction? Really? When your rifle comes out of ready position the safety goes on. You didn’t do that, no need to make up a story. Heck, your brothers in arms though the right way to clear a shotgun was to pull the trigger without physically checking to see if it was loaded. Not putting the safety on seems minor compared to that.

All kidding aside. These are negligent discharges, not “misfires” as the article labels them and not “accidental discharges.” The SF P.D. label  of “unplanned shooting” is a good description but makes light of what could otherwise have been tragic. No one died in the list of shootings compiled for the article, but they very easily could have. These are all negligent discharges (NDs), because if the proper procedure for handling firearms had been followed not a single one of them — none — would have happened.

We have 4 rules of firearm safety because they work. There are procedures in place to handle, clear, clean, and maintain firearms. We have them because they work. If you don’t know those procedures, then find a competent instructor and have them teach you.


TOR: What is it good for?

TOR: What is it good for? Thwarting statist weasels like these:

The House Republicans’ first major technology initiative is about to be unveiled: a push to force Internet companies to keep track of what their users are doing.

A House panel chaired by Rep. F. James Sensenbrenner of Wisconsin is scheduled to hold a hearing tomorrow morning to discuss forcing Internet providers, and perhaps Web companies as well, to store records of their users’ activities for later review by police.

via Instapundit

Unbelievable that this even comes up. Is freedom ever even considered by these jackwagons? Does anyone think that if Sensenbrenner thought he could get away with it, that we wouldn’t have tracking devices installed in our cars? Is his proposal any different? No, they only suggest doing it with computers because it is easier and cheaper. If they (statist control freaks) could afford it and thought they could get away with it we would all have little RFID trackers in our cars….our drivers licenses…our forearms.

Please Republicans, just this frickin’ once, don’t go the stupid route.

All politicians are bastard coated bastards with bastard filling and that goes for the ones I like too.

The Anti-Cop Trend That Isn’t

Salon’s Steinberg strangely came to her conclusion about “the pressing need to revisit the conversation on gun control” just a few paragraphs after she noted that gun sales have risen dramatically during the same 20-year period when police officer fatalities have plummeted. Last year there was an increase in officers intentionally killed on the job, from 41 to 58, which Steinberg characterizes this way: “In 2010 policemen killed on the job rose by nearly 40 percent, the greatest increase since 1974.” That’s true. But isn’t it more significant that these numbers have dropped to the point where 17 additional deaths now represents an increase of 40 percent? In any event, 2010 also saw the smallest increase in gun sales in six years.

via The Anti-Cop Trend That Isn’t – Reason Magazine.

QOTD: Americans

‘Surely one of the most powerful forces in the universe is a determined American. We invented “kick ass.” — Ted Nugent

Attempted Assasination by Onlooker

According to Kirksville Police Chief Jim Hughes, a passerby stopped a Kirksville Police officer and said they had seen an individual acting erratically in a truck in the Wal-Mart parking lot shortly before 2:30 p.m. The passerby believed the individual had a gun to his head.

via Kirksville Daily Express.


It wasn’t a gun. It was a cell phone. They called the cops and locked down the Wal-Mart because a guy was in his truck talking on a cell phone. An onlooker who is almost certainly a complete idiot almost got a man killed for talking on his cell phone. This is what the police prepare to have happen in these situations:

The officers involved…approached Shipley, who was seated in a chair on the patio outside his apartment, and an officer began speaking to him regarding a report that he was intoxicated and suicidal.  Shipley almost immediately picked up a handgun that was lying nearby, despite repeated commands from all three officers not to do so, and pointed the weapon at the officers.  The officers fired in defense of their lives, then immediately summoned emergency medical personnel, who transported Shipley to Norman Regional Hospital where he was subsequently pronounced dead.

This “If you see something, say something” stuff is crap and will get someone killed. Call the police when there is an actual emergency. You start mentioning guns and suicide and the cops are going to rightfully expect to encounter an armed nut-job. Luckily the guy in this story encountered the right sort of cops. But the onlooker injected violence into a situation that did not previously have any and it could have ended tragically.

King County Washington just agreed to pay a $10 million dollar settlement for what is essentially a case of mistaken identity. A witness to a crime wrongly identified Christopher Harris as the person responsible for a violent assault. As a result of the violent arrest, Mr. Harris is practically a vegetable and his wife can look forward to spending the rest of hers taking care of her bed ridden husband. I believe the King County tax payers wouldn’t have to pay up if it had been the actual bad guy who took the unfortunate hit Mr. Harris got.

Take some responsibility and check up on things a bit before you call in “crazy man with a gun” before you call the police who actually take that stuff seriously. Before you unleash the dogs of war, you should be sure of your target.

Good job by the Kirksville police department. No one got hurt which is the best outcome.

Borepatch: Let’s be safe out there

JayG got a desperate email from Ambulance Driver, who it appears was in the UK. All his money had been stolen, see, and he couldn’t come back unless he got 1800UKP to settle up his hotel bill. And pretty please, could you help out?


Of course, you have to get up pretty early to pull the wool over Jay’s eyes. It’s a scam. But what’s interesting was that it was a personalized scam. It didn’t come from the son of the Nigerian Prime Minister, it came from one of Jay’s friends.

The Bad Guys are spending a lot of time on Social Media sites (especially Facebook). They can generally get lists of friends (Facebook’s privacy is pretty horrible). It’s surprisingly easy to get real email addresses for people, and so you have a bona fide real sender and real recipient, who know each other.

via Borepatch.

QOTD: Guns On Campus

“To be honest, although I can see some of the validity in the arguments [regarding self-protection] and I recognize and understand people’s concern to preserve their Second Amendment rights, I personally do not see guns and having more guns on campus as necessarily the solution, It, if anything, shifts the burden from campus and public safety officers to students and faculty. I go to a university to learn and discover and participate in getting an education. And although safety is always in the back of your mind somewhere, I think I would prefer to leave the preserving of my safety to public safety officers as opposed to citizens on campus.” — Emily Fritze, student body president at Arizona

There are several problems with this. The first is that courts have ruled that the police have no obligation to protect you individually. Police have shown over and over that they are human too and aren’t necessarily willing to charge down the guns to save you. Also, there just aren’t enough police to give you one-on-one protection.

The second problem though is that the burden of preserving your safety is not now nor was it ever on the public safety officers. That burden isn’t on the citizens on campus. The burden of preserving your safety is the same as it has been for at least all of your adult years. The burden is on you, personally and individually. This is necessarily so because when the bad guy confronts you it will be your life on the line, not the police or other students. And that is where the people who want the freedom to carry a firearm on campus are coming from. They realize that the burden is on them and that the police, while providing a protective function, won’t be there to step between the good guys and the bad guys until it is far too late.

I am OK with Emily Fritze deciding to leave her safety up to others; I hope that they can live up to her expectations. I’m kind of happy that she has thought it through enough to make that conscious decision. Most people don’t. What we would like is for others to be able to make that decision for themselves too and not have the .gov make it for them.

h/t Instapundit

Wardrobe and Geography

There is a discussion going on in the NewsOK website about State Sen. Steve Russell’s proposal to allow open carry and allow the carry of firearms on college campuses. If you live in Oklahoma and have an opinion on the subject you should go there and share it. My comments are probably easy to pick out, but in case you’re having trouble I post as “Chuck” there for reasons I can’t remember.

The proposals are not nearly so radical as they at first seem. The proposal only seeks to extend what Oklahoma already has in place: thousands of law-abiding citizens carry concealed firearms every day in this state. They do it without any rise in accidental or intentional shootings. Citizens with concealed carry licenses have been shown to be more law-abiding than the general population and even more law-abiding than the law enforcement community*.

The proposals are not about increasing the number of guns, or opening up the carrying of guns to a whole new population. They are about not allowing wardrobe and geography to make criminals out of the most law-abiding citizens we have.


* I’ve misplaced the link I had to stats showing the incidence of crime committed by police were higher than those committed by CCW holders. If someone has that info please send me the link. If I hallucinated it wrong, then please correct me and I will retract that.

QOTD: Trains

“But I don’t see where it’s any of the Federal government’s business how fast choo-choo trains go, or even whether or not we have them at all. ” — Tam


I didn’t actually watch the SOTU because I don’t usually willingly listen to people lie to me. I felt the same way about the response to the SOTU and the bonus response.

But I’ve read excerpts from the speech that cover all these things President Obama says the government is going to do to get the economy moving. Not a single thing on that list seemed to be something that the Federal government, or most any government, should be doing. Why is it that “getting government the hell out of the way” is hardly ever an option in this things? Oh, yeah, no chance for graft.

Red-headed step-child, The Amendment

Is there any other “right” guaranteed by the Bill of Rights as heavily regulated as the 2nd Amendment’s right to bear arms? Considering the actual text reads “shall not be infringed” it is amazing to me how infringed it is. This blog did not require any consultation with .gov officials when I created it. I did not acquire a Blog License.  Heck, I wasn’t even required to take a writing class which is probably obvious to you by now. I got to church, or not, when I feel like it without filing a Church Attendance/Non-Attendance Form 4256/J with the Federal Bureau of Assembly, Religion, Speech and Redress (BARSR)  But when I want to keep and bear a gun for personal protection, it’s Katy bar the door, OMG to 11 we’re all going to die…

[State Sen. Steve] Russell’s plan to allow concealed guns on campus is expected to draw bitter opposition from university officials. Chancellor of Higher Education Glen Johnson recently told lawmakers that all 25 public college and university presidents oppose the idea.


Yes, there was bitter opposition the last time. As near as I can figure it, these people just don’t get that laws are not magic runes. They are not a Hogwarts protection spell nor are they a Star Trek force-field. A law is not an umbrella that keeps the wet stuff from getting on you. A law is the towel you use to clean up the mess when you forgot to bring an umbrella (I told you, I didn’t take a writing class).

In case snark and sarcasm don’t fully make my point. Chancellor Johnson, the laws against bringing guns on campus don’t keep guns off the campus. Just ask the peace loving folks at Langston University here in Oklahoma, or I don’t know.. Virgina Tech. The only people they stop are the law-abiding-responsible-types. The druggies, criminals, thugs, and loonies don’t care about your protection-spells, amulets, strongly worded signs, or pixie dust. The law is what you will punish them with once they bust a cap on campus so that maybe they will learn something. It won’t keep the bullet in the gun, nor the gun at home.

Ever since Florida went all gun-crazy and actually decided to trust its citizens we’ve been running these little experiments all over the country. Every time someone wants to liberalize the gun laws there are always predictions of DOOM. These predictions never, ever, pan out. Do Chancellor Johnson and the other 25 public college university presidents realize that there are places in this country where guns can be legally carried on campus? Blood does not run down their corridors or across their tennis courts.

Chancellor Johnson and those other 25 presidents are not against guns on campus despite what they say. They are against you, the private citizen, having a gun on campus. They are perfectly fine with the campus police having guns, the local police, sheriff, highway patrol, OSBI, FBI, BATF, and any other .gov agency (including the Department of Education with its own frackin’ SWAT team). Upstanding guys like these:

“A police chief who pleaded guilty to assaulting his wife, a former sheriff’s deputy accused of child abuse and a police chief who falsified documents have lost their certifications to carry a gun and a badge in [Oklahoma].”

The government has no civil rights, but only government actors can carry guns on campus. The people, the ones the U.S. Bill of Rights and the 2nd Amendment actually cover, are deprived of their civil rights on Oklahoma college campuses.

UPDATE: Added a link to the story about the Oklahoma cops loosing their cop licenses. I thought I had added the link before, sorry about that.