That’s Terrible

I have all these kids at my house who also happen to be advanced karate students working on earning black belts. They do really well in class, but I’m sure you’ll be surprised to learn that when it comes to doing the work they need to do at home, they… well… don’t.

Last week I took one of our white boards and wrote “Pushup Challenge” on it and then wrote all of our names on it. I then proceeded to whip out 100 pushups and I wrote a big “100” under my name. Then I just casually mentioned to one of the kids that they were loosing the “Pushup Challenge”. Pretty soon all the kids and my wife were off doing pushups. At the end of the day I tallied them and wrote them at the bottom of the white board. The next day I started again with 100 for me. Every day we did them and every day they did more than me.

Last night we totaled up the numbers for the week and congratulated the winner. It wasn’t me which all my kids delighted in telling me. “Daddy, you made this contest and you didn’t even win! Haha!” They would say. Yeah, it’s just terrible the way that worked out.

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