Virus Transmission Results: Effective

Jennifer / Springfield XD .45 Tactical

Meet Jennifer. See Jennifer have a life long dislike of guns. See Jennifer come to my Krav Maga classes and become infected with the personal protection virus. See Jennifer shoot really big guns.

Ok, really this is one of my students, Jennifer, who has justifiable negative feelings toward guns. They’ve been used as a tool in the suicides of 3 people she knows. Crazy coincidence. But she also wants to be able to protect herself and her family when her husband (who is as big as the Hulk) is not around. It is a duty and privilege of knowledgeable people to teach others to defend themselves. I am happy to take new shooters to the range. I’m a Krav instructor, so I know a bit about beating people up who need a beating. But I’ve found a gaping chest wound takes the fight right out of a man. Responsibly owning, carrying, and practicing with handguns is a must for anyone serious about protecting themselves and their loved ones.

I really like taking new shooters to an outdoor range. On any given day I can count on having an entire pistol bay to myself (and usually almost all of them). This means no one else is banging off an 20 rounds in rapid succession 3 feet next to us. We can take our time and just sit and talk before during and after the shooting. And that is just what Jennifer and I did. Without any ammunition around we went over Coopers 4 rules, handled several guns, and did some dry fire practice. Only when I felt she was comfortable with what we were going to do did we get out the ammo and start to poke holes in paper.

One of my other students, Jim, was there and he brought some guns for her to try too. She was amazing. She shot every handgun we brought which included:

  • .22lr Ruger
  • 9mm Taurus (not sure of the model, it was one of the double-action semi-autos; her husband had just acquired it as their first gun)
  • 9mm Glock 17
  • 9mm Walther PPS
  • .45cal 1911 (that was a very nice gun Jim!)
  • .45cal Springfield XD Tactical (shown above)
  • .38cal Large frame revolver

(Sorry for the lack of detail. A real blogger would have taken notes on everything and gotten lots more pictures. I don’t want to go on the cart. I’ll get better!)

Some of those guns were obviously too big for her grip and some like the revolver she didn’t have the trigger finger strength required to pull it through double-action. If I cocked it for her though she had no problems.

I am not a fan of the double-action semi-auto, Taurus or otherwise. The trigger pull for the first shot is tough, and then the follow-up shots have a totally different pressure and feel. And what is the most important shot? The first shot (yes Tom Givens, I remember). So I don’t want it to be hard to press that first one. I also don’t want the second to be so much different that I end up yanking the gun. As I told Jennifer though, and please don’t send me hate mail, you can learn to shoot them well. At the last class I was in, the military guy next to me smoked my scores all day long with his Beretta.

Jim had a little snubby revolver the he showed her. Seeing that the virus is already taking hold in her though, she turned her nose up at it. Good girl! Women can shoot real guns, it isn’t hard. The MAC-10 submachine gun was practically designed for housewives.*

Jennifer had a good time and wants to go shooting more. As soon as my paperwork comes back from the great state of Oklahoma and I am a licensed handgun instructor, I will run her through the CCW class. That should be fun!

* I don’t actually know that, but it sounds good.

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  • spike  On January 11, 2011 at 9:54 am

    So…..where’s my MAC10 sub machine gun?

  • Jim  On January 11, 2011 at 11:20 am

    Hey hey, my little 642 is a real gun. A pain in the ass to shoot very much, but a real gun …

    Thanks again for taking me out there. It’s been months since I’ve shot outdoors.

    • trackerk  On January 11, 2011 at 7:27 pm

      That, much like .380s is what you carry when you can’t have a real gun.

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