Hurts my brain

I don’t post much about religion here, but I have to say, this woman displays a profound lack of Biblical knowledge. Apparently the birds died because Don’t Ask Don’t Tell was repealed.

She acts more like a witch in the Bible. Interpreting signs and portents to explain what is going on. If you actually read the Bible you will find when God want’s to punish someone or a group, or a country, he makes it very clear he is doing it and why*. Prophets are sent. Divine signs are given to authenticate the prophets And the message of doom delivered. We aren’t left to cast bones in chicken blood to try to determine what God wants.

And while I’m on the topic. When Gideon put out the fleece, what he was looking for was super natural confirmation that God wanted him to fight. When you say, “Gee, if Beth calls me, then I’ll know God wants me to ask her out,” that isn’t “putting out a fleece”. That is latching onto a coincidence and calling it God’s will.


* The possible exception here is Job. But God wasn’t punishing Job. He allowed the Devil to test Job’s faith.

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