Pistol whipped


I wonder if this is what my face looked like the first time I went shooting? This is my eight-year old son, Coolwhip on 1/9/11 holding a Ruger 22/45 (he just isn’t big enough yet for a 1911). He has shot rifles before, but this is his first time ever shooting a pistol. The weather was cold and wet so we went to an indoor range. I expected he would get bored punching holes in paper because I usually provide an array of reactive targets when we are outdoors. Instead he was really into it.

He put a lot of effort into getting the X. He never quite got the effect he wanted (the X was still there when done), but he put a lot more in the black than I expected. Especially since the Ruger 22/45 was too big and heavy for him to hold properly.

I’m pretty sure I wasn’t this tickled with myself the first time I kissed a real girl.

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