NOTE: Because the original video was removed from YouTube and the version I reposted was one of the first up on YouTube, some have attributed the video to me. I wish I had created the video, but I absolutely did not. I believe the creator of the video was Newswatcher89.

A death-hippy, @redheadonfire2, on twitter posted a threat against Sarah Palin and now wants a ‘rewind’ button. Good luck with that. Because I’m awesome at the Internet, I had already downloaded the YouTube video edited it to have an appropriate soundtrack and re-posted it.

Here is death-hippy Lauren B’s twitter profile:


And what is it that she said on a public forum that now she wants to rewind?

"I think Sarah Palin should get shot instead of Gifford!!!"

I think maybe Lauren B. didn’t realize that the Internet is a no-take-backs zone; she’s only 21 after all.You can’t “follow her tweets” any more because Lauren found out that Twitter isn’t a megaphone, but more like a street corner and apparently some people expressed a negative opinion of her violent rhetoric. Her tweets are now private. So sad.

I wish Lauren a long life. And I hope that she gets past this to have a happy life. But any time I hear about the violent rhetoric coming from the extreme right-wing, we’re going to recall Lauren B. redheadonfire2’s actual violent rhetoric just so we know what real violent retoric sounds like.

Here is the video:

UPDATE: This may be the greatest day in my blog life. My video has been linked to from Patterico and I have been aptly called a “smartass”.  I’m not just a smartass though, I have a contrary spirit too.

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