Whadda you think he was sayin’, man?

Apparently we’re still watching what we say lest crazy people use it as a pretext for going on a murderous rampage and it is all our fault.

Here is Sam Kinison’s take on what sets crazy people off:

Charlie, why’d you do it?

“I heard the album. I heard that g****d White Album. Why don’t we do it in the road? Whadda you think he was sayin’, man? No one will be watching us.”

And you’re sitting there going: IT’S A F***N’ ALBUM! YOU WERE ON ACID, MANSON! IT’S A F***N’ ALBUM! You’d have gotten the same message out of the Monkees, you f***n’ d***d.

Sam must be heard and not read (not safe for Work, Kids, or innocent animals — seriously, use your headphones):

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