Where I agree with a gun banner…

“I was stunned at how powerful I felt with the gun in my hand. There is a certain rush one gets when one is holding such a weapon. The ability to pull a trigger that unleashes a bullet that can easily take the life of another can empower even the most fearful coward. A split-second decision can have lasting and profound consequences.” — Hussein Hamdani

via TheSpec

He goes on to say, “I believe that all handguns should be banned in Canada.” And for once I agree, at least in part. Hussein Hamdani should be banned from all handguns in Canada. I would never take someone like that shooting again.

When I have a gun in my hand I don’t feel powerful. I feel a sense of responsibility in handling the gun properly. I am suddenly gripped with the desire to make sure I don’t break any of the 4 rules lest someone get hurt. Pulling the trigger unleashes a lawyer that can easily ruin my life and those of my family.

Sure, guns are fun to shoot, especially if you are hitting the targets fast. But if holding a gun makes you feel “powerful” then I suggest you never hold one again.

h/t WarOnGuns

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