Hitting girls…

Sometimes it is Ok to do it. Because sometimes girls be bad.

MYFOXNY.COM – A fight broke out at a Wendy’s in Queens Village, leaving one of the workers seriously injured. The disturbing scene from inside the Wendy’s was captured on a phone on Friday. In the video, you can see the cashier get pummeled to the ground by teenage girls.

via MyFoxNY.

After this little brawl some teenage girls are probably going to jail and a Wendy’s employee has a concussion. Tactically the Wendy’s employee made a mistake which is why she has a concussion:

The worker said it all began when the group started fighting and throwing food. She was behind the counter when her co-worker walked over to try and stop them, she said.

This was a group of girls who were already fighting. You have no business trying to stop a group of people fighting. Get behind or stay behind the counter and call in reinforcements (i.e. the cops).

Hey if Uncle Jim and Grandpa Joe are fighting and you and 2 of your cousins can step in and break it up then I’m all for it. But notice it is the 3 of you against the 2 of them; the numbers are on your side. If you try to break up a group fight all by your lonesome, then you’d better be getting your mass attack skills up-to-date because you’re going to need them:

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