QOTD: Guns On Campus

“To be honest, although I can see some of the validity in the arguments [regarding self-protection] and I recognize and understand people’s concern to preserve their Second Amendment rights, I personally do not see guns and having more guns on campus as necessarily the solution, It, if anything, shifts the burden from campus and public safety officers to students and faculty. I go to a university to learn and discover and participate in getting an education. And although safety is always in the back of your mind somewhere, I think I would prefer to leave the preserving of my safety to public safety officers as opposed to citizens on campus.” — Emily Fritze, student body president at Arizona

There are several problems with this. The first is that courts have ruled that the police have no obligation to protect you individually. Police have shown over and over that they are human too and aren’t necessarily willing to charge down the guns to save you. Also, there just aren’t enough police to give you one-on-one protection.

The second problem though is that the burden of preserving your safety is not now nor was it ever on the public safety officers. That burden isn’t on the citizens on campus. The burden of preserving your safety is the same as it has been for at least all of your adult years. The burden is on you, personally and individually. This is necessarily so because when the bad guy confronts you it will be your life on the line, not the police or other students. And that is where the people who want the freedom to carry a firearm on campus are coming from. They realize that the burden is on them and that the police, while providing a protective function, won’t be there to step between the good guys and the bad guys until it is far too late.

I am OK with Emily Fritze deciding to leave her safety up to others; I hope that they can live up to her expectations. I’m kind of happy that she has thought it through enough to make that conscious decision. Most people don’t. What we would like is for others to be able to make that decision for themselves too and not have the .gov make it for them.

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  • Thomas Kier  On January 28, 2011 at 12:22 pm

    Also something which is obviously not clear in Emily’s understanding. Is that all that would change is the ability by individuals to protect themselves. It does not turn all people carrying into peace officers, or obligate them in anyway. They maybe empowered to help a fellow student, but firstly it is personal protection. As she states -“I think I would prefer to leave the preserving of my safety to public safety officers as opposed to citizens on campus.” What needs to be said to Emily is… Don’t be confused, it is still your job, Emily, not a public safety officer, or anyone else but you, to protect yourself. Nothing changes that ever.

  • Monex  On February 1, 2011 at 4:40 am

    However many feel that University police are an overbearing burden on their conscience. UVM avoids many of the problems that exist at other colleges and universities set in cities because with little crime in the Burlington vicinity there is little to fear from the outside community.One possible reason for an increased comfort level may be due to the President and his administration which have increased the number of campus police. Some might feel that the police are omnipresent especially those who get caught for alcohol or drug use but thats the name of the game and an aspect of colleges everywhere.

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