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Windows Networking (SMB) on Xoom

It is funny to me that the primary reason I root all of my Android devices is to add functionality that should have been there in the first place. Android is based on a Linux kernel and Linux supports a lot of cool stuff.

So anyway, today I compiled up the the Linux CIFS module for the Xoom. This allows you to mount Windows file shares on the Android file system (/mnt/cifs by default). With this module (and CIFS Manager from the market) you can access Windows shares like they were part of the Android file system and therefore stream files like movies. Without it, if you wanted to watch a movie on your Windows server, you’d have to download it from the server first, then watch it.

You can get the cifs.ko module (for both koush’s rooted kernel and coolbho3000’s overclocked one) here.

UPDATE: The Tiamat kernel now includes the tunnel (tun.ko) and cifs (cifs.ko) modules. So I have stopped compiling up for every new kernel that comes out.


More xoom,xoom fun!

I know none of you non-geek heathens will care, but I totally violated my Motorola XOOM and made it do things it’s daddy wouldn’t like. It involved compiling linux kernels, making loadable modules and messing around with the guts. I only say all this, knowing you won’t understand, because it took me all day and was really hard.

It isn’t easy, but if you have rooted your XOOM then you can get Openvpn running. You’ll need a tun.ko file and nerves of steel. You can find the tun.ko file here and instructions on setting it up. Nerves of steel you’ll need to bring to the party.

Ad Free since about 10 minutes ago

Here is what you do with a rooted Android device like the Xoom; write a script to block ads from being loaded by any of the other apps (like the browser). To do it you’ll need busybox and Scripter.


On most devices Busybox can be installed via this app in the market. On my Xoom when I tried it, the installer claimed not to work, but in fact it did work with everything needed installed in /system/xbin.


Just install Scripter from the market. Works good. Hasn’t been updated for tablets, so the screen is tiny.

  1. Run Scripter and click the “Create Script” button.
  2. Give it a name like “Ad Block”
  3. Enter these commands in the “Commands” window:cd /mnt/sdcard
    rm hosts.txt
    wget -O hosts.txt 2> /dev/null
    dos2unix hosts.txt
    mount -w -o remount /system
    cat hosts.txt /system/etc/hosts
    mount -r -o remount /system
  4. Click the “Save” button.
  5. Click your script and ‘poof’ ads should be blocked. You may have to reboot the device to clear the DNS cache, but I didn’t.

On my Xoom the wget line didn’t work. For some reason wget (which is part of busybox) won’t resolve the domain name. This is probably an issue between busybox and Honeycomb. The current busybox for Android wasn’t designed with Honeycomb in mind. So for Xoom, replace the wget line with this:

wget -O hosts.txt 2> /dev/null

If they change the IP address of the server, you’ll have to manually update it.

Also the busybox cp command doesn’t work, so you can use cat instead.

Sure there are Ad blocking apps in the market, but what is the fun in that? Besides the one I tried blocks stats from the WordPress app. Replace the cat command with a grep -v “” > /system/etc/hosts and you can filter that out.

Android Writable /system

If you have rooted your Android device and want to make the /system partition rw (writeable) from the terminal, here is how you do it:

mount -w -o remount /system

You can undo that with:

mount -r -o remount /system

I found lots of people doing this, but their way was more complex. This works on my Xoom and my Droid/Cyanogenmod and would probably work on other devices too.

Geeking out

Motorola Xoom tablet. Easy to root. Now what to do with the phenomenal cosmic power?


Time Management

When trying to come up with a TODO list, it is important to have a way to prioritize tasks so you know what to work on first and what can wait until like, next Sunday. This matrix may help. Tasks that are Urgent and Important need to be done now. Tasks that are not urgent and unimportant can wait until next Sunday or whenever your wife’s relatives are visiting.

Ideally you want tasks to appear in quadrant 2. That way you are only working on things that are important, but you get to decide when to work on them. Unfortunately life isn’t always like that, events come up and and your priorities have to shift. Such as when this happens:

and some dude punches a 5’1″ girl holding a video camera. Kicking his ass instantly jumps ahead of all other tasks in my ToDo list to as both Urgent and Important. I’m unimpressed with “I have a masters degree” conservative wussy with his “whoa, whoa” comments. As soon as goon touches that girl he should have taken action. If you’ve been in my Krav classes this week the combination we have been working would have been perfect: Jab, cross, lead elbow, rear elbow, hammer-fist and a knee to the cobblers for good measure.

I’m glad to read that Ms. Hale is Ok.

Recognizing when it is time to kick someone’s ass is actually pretty difficult for nice guys to do. You’re going to have to spend some time outside of the dojo and gun range thinking about the situations that you would take action in. A girl getting punched by a guy for holding a video camera is a no-brainer.

Project Gunwalker

Check out this video and keep it in mind whenever you hear about U.S. guns being smuggled into Mexico by drug cartels. From the CBS Evening News:

December 14, 2010. The place: a dangerous smuggling route in Arizona not far from the border. A special tactical border squad was on patrol when gunfire broke out and agent Brian Terry was killed.

The assault rifles found at the murder were traced back to a U.S. gun shop. Where they came from and how they got there is a scandal so large, some insiders say it surpasses the shoot-out at Ruby Ridge and the deadly siege at Waco.

In case you don’t get the significance, both Ruby Ridge and Waco are places the government, our government, the FBI at Ruby Ridge and ATF/FBI at Waco acted outside the law.

Congratulations to Vanderboegh and Codrea for pushing to get this story heard. I think their efforts might mark a major blog milestone on par with the Dan Rather Memogate.

And what’s with CBS? They produce a story highly critical of a government agency; a law and order agency no less. I will have to watch it again, but I think they also got most of the “gun” parts right. The rifles were referred to as “semi-automatic”, the AK-47 was actually an AK-47, and the gun dealers, U.S. gun buyers and the 2nd Amendment weren’t vilified. The guns shouldn’t be referred to as “assault rifles”, but that is a minor nit to pick. That is an amazing accomplishment for the mainstream press and I’m not trying to be condescending. Good work CBS! Keep it up!

These are not the freedoms you are looking for.

She says that whenever a TSA agent attempts to dine at the restaurant, “we turn our backs and completely ignore them, and tell them to leave… Their kind aren’t welcomed in our establishment.”

The restaurant claims that 90% of its patrons are in agreement with their stance and that the local police have actually helped escort TSA workers of the premises.

via SayUncle.


The comments are where the fun is.

BREAKING: CBS to report tonight on ’Project Gunwalker’ – National gun rights |

Mike Vanderboegh of Sipsey Street Irregulars and this correspondent have been working behind the scenes with CBS News to help them provide the first television network coverage of the unfolding “Project Gunwalker” story.

Each of us has spoken at length over the telephone with correspondent Sharyl Attkisson and communicated via email with producer Christopher Scholl.


The press release says this will be on CBS Evening News with Katie Couric at 6:30PM Eastern.

This just in: I will actually watch the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric (or any other host) for the first time I can remember in the last 10 years. I wonder if there will be any truth in the news tonight?

How to beat the Watson Jeopardy computer

If you are a geek, swallow whatever is in your mouth, then click this link. I am not responsible for your monitor and keyboard if you fail to heed my advice.

How to beat the Watson Jeopardy computer.