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Jennifer has an ad on her site for a line of t-shirts. The marketing for the shirts is done by aesthetically pleasing females like the one on the right. This may seem like a not-so-subtle attempt to get a picture of a hot chick on the blog, but bear with me. I have a point and it better be a good one because my wife reads this blog.

Jennifer relates this story from NewsOK:

Police arrested a man after a woman said she was attacked and raped Tuesday in the public restroom of a downtown Oklahoma City hotel

The victim, who was crying uncontrollably when officers arrived, reported she saw a black man about 30 years old standing in the restroom when she came out of a stall…The woman said she told the man to leave because it was a women’s restroom, according to the report. The man walked around a corner to the door, but the woman looked into a mirror and saw him standing there after the door opened and closed.

The victim began to scream and tried to run out, but the man forced her to the floor and pulled her into a stall, the officer wrote. The woman punched him and scratched him during the assault, she told police.

Of course we are all gun nuts and think everyone ought to posses the training and tools to deal with this goblin. “Instinct” even says in a comment to Jennifer:

A gun, a knife and mace. I made sure that my wife has all three. But the mace and knife are just tools to get you to a gun.

And what I would ask is, how is the young lady pictured above going to carry a gun a knife and mace dressed as she is (and I would add a flashlight to that gear list)? Most would answer that she isn’t and should change her dress to be more modest which would allow her to conceal the kit. But frankly, I don’t want to live in a world where hot chicks can’t dress immodestly at least part of the time. Even my wife, who at this moment is plotting how she will get back at me for this post, intends to let my daughter dress in tight jeans and t-shirts when she is older and might even allow her to wear pants with “Pink” stamped on the back. I’m not happy, but I also apparently have no say in the matter.

Women, and some men with better bodies than mine, like to show off and that doesn’t leave much in the way of places to conceal weaponry. But carry your tools you must, and you must do it as close to 100% of the time as possible. There is nothing more useless to you than a gun or knife you left at home.

In business it is bad manners to gripe about problems without offering solutions. So here is my solution:

Hot chicks should be allowed to openly carry firearms.

Since it would be discrimatory to limit the law only to hot chicks, the rest of us will get the benifit to. But I must caution that if a bunch of ugly fat guys go about flaunting their hardware then the law might get repealed for public decency reasons. Let the aesthetically pleasing members of our population take full advantage of the law for awhile until it becomes more normalized.

Some people, like Cleo Land at Heartland Outdoors are apparently against open carry and get quoted in articles saying dumb things like this:

“I prefer the element of surprise when it comes to carrying firearms,” Land said.

The problem is that we are talking about everyone’s rights. So Mr. Land is free to want the element of surprise while me, and immodestly dressed women, may want the “go away” factor an openly carried gun has. And if I were in the gun selling business frankly I would keep my trap shut about infringing or not infringing the rights of my customers lest it affect the gun buying public’s view of me and my business.

The anti-open carry jist of the NewsOK article which Mr. Land of Heartland Outdoors supports  is this:

“Opponents to the legislation said openly carrying a gun could make a person a target during a crisis situation such as a robbery.”

This is completely disingenuous which is why it is disappointing that Mr. Land got quoted supporting the anti-gun rights position. Why? Because opponents to the legislation never seem to be concerned that not having my gun at all, in the myriad of places I am not allowed to carry, could make me a defenseless victim.

You and I make decisions every day that affect our ability to protect ourselves and our families. What we wear, what tools we carry, what training we have taken and skills we have practiced. Ultimately it is you who will be standing, alone, in the bathroom stall with the evil in front of you. All of the decisions you’ve made up until then will affect what action you are capable of taking. You will be forced to compromise on all of those factors because you can’t be both heavily armed and comfortable at the same time. You can’t dress immodestly and carry “a gun, a knife and mace”. But it should be your compromises to make. The State will not be in that bathroom stall with you;  they should have no say in how you choose to protect yourself.

I just noticed this at the end of the NewsOK article:

“Wesselhoft said his legislation would allow more people to carry guns by eliminating the need for expensive conceal-carry classes.”

You jackwagons should have passed the law last year. It was always going to pass. But you just had to get your last lick in I guess. Last year’s law would have required open carriers to have a concealed weapon license. Apparently this years version does away with that. I’m OK with that, because I don’t think there should be a license at all, nor restrictions on where I can carry. But I know you libs sure like lots of licenses, fees, restrictions, indulgences, etc.. Sucks to be you.

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  • Jennifer  On February 5, 2011 at 7:08 pm

    Heh. Works for me. Hope your wife isn’t too made at you.

  • Jennifer  On February 5, 2011 at 7:08 pm

    mad. Grr, typos

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    I linked this. Hope I’m not in trouble…


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