An Angel Gets It’s Wings x 2

Over here at the Geek Warrior we are successfully infecting people with the self-defense and self-reliance virus like crazy! I’m like a mini-Nugent here (except that I can’t hunt, can’t play any instruments, and can’t sing)! As a Christian bringing people to Jesus, I suck, but if you remember, Jennifer in January went shooting with me. It was her first time ever. She shot a lot of guns that day and well…

Yes, that is Jennifer with a brand new Springfield XD(m) 9mm. Oh but wait, who is that with her? Why that is Jennifer’s mom, Jerry, also with a new Springfield XD(m)! She too had never shot a gun before, but once you realize the truth of “You are on your own,” acquiring the tools of self-defense is an easy leap. Ok, maybe not so easy, because Jennifer and Jerry have been through a lot with several people they know having killed themselves with firearms. Guns are tools, like cars, chainsaws, and KitchenAid mixers. They can be used for good (killing bad guys) or evil (making German chocolate cake that I love too much).

Before we went out to shoot, we spent a few minutes going over some safety information. On the side-bar to my blog here you will find links to The Four Rules of Firearm Safety and instructions on Unloading a Semi-Automatic Firearm. We went over these and covered the basics of grip and function of the firearm. For two who haven’t shot much (or any) before, they sure had lots of really good questions. The credit goes to my many instructors (Will Andrews, Tuhon Tom Kier, Tom Givens, John Farnam, and others) that those girls didn’t stump me.

Out on the range it was a pleasure and honor to watch Jerry fire that first shot. That may be a once in a lifetime moment for me because in that one shot she allowed herself to start releasing the pain of a lot of bad memories. When that first shot rang out it did startle her. To be honest, I kind of under-sold how loud it would be and the shock from the recoil. Better to be too relaxed than too tense. She set the gun down and took a few steps back with tears in her eyes. She assured me though she wasn’t crying because she was scared. That one 7½ gram projectile carried years of pain with it down to the backstop. Guns can be used for a lot of things. Apparently therapy is one of them.

Jerry didn’t realize it, but everyone around us watched her take that first shot. About 10 people were standing behind her watching that first press of the trigger. They had huge grins and a couple of people may have clapped for her. Gun people are pretty cool sometimes. Jerry stepped back up to the line 2 more times to fire her first ever firearm. Made good hits on the target too, not that it matters right now.

I am so proud of Jennifer and Jerry in taking such a big step. Afraid of guns and even anti-gun in 2010 and gun owners in 2011. I’m not proud of them for buying guns though. I am proud of them for having courage and strength to overcome something that previously limited them. I believe that martial arts are about becoming the best you can be. You don’t have to be the best at everything or even anything. Just the best you. I will be using the example of Jennifer and Jerry for years to come. Thank you ladies for that.

The pictures were taken at H&H gun range. If you want to purchase a new gun or some gear, please ask for my friend Will Andrews. He is also their head instructor and one of the best I know.

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  • LauraB  On February 20, 2011 at 4:15 pm

    Aw! That brought a little tear to the eye…we’ve friends visiting in a few weeks who will be barely familiar with shooting and not at all familiar. Can’t wait to have them try out the variety of options we have. Your links will be of great use to them – thanks!

  • Jennifer  On February 20, 2011 at 7:05 pm

    That is so very awesome. Big congratulations to Jennifer and Jerry.

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