So that was your big vision?

A Sallisaw police officer was fired Tuesday a day after shooting himself in the chest and blaming it on another man, said Police Chief Shaloa Edwards.

Officer Wendel Hughes shot himself in the chest at the 14 Flags Museum in downtown Sallisaw and then called the police department and asked a dispatcher to send an officer, Edwards said. While en route to the hospital with the officer, Hughes said Mark Sweeney, 40, shot him.

Sweeney, who was not in the area of shooting, was arrested shortly after the shooting but then released after investigators learned Hughes, shot himself, he said.

“The shot (wound) was about one-quarter (inch) from his heart,” Edwards said.

Edwards said Hughes used a 22-caliber handgun. He was released from the hospital on Tuesday around noon, Edwards said.

via Tulsa World.

I’d just love to find out what Hughes’ was thinking here. Apparently we really are returning to the Wild West here because this involves cattle rustlin’. Officer Hughes was on leave after being charged with stealing and selling Mark Sweeney’s cattle. His excuse for why he sold the cattle is:

He told investigators that he sold Sweeney’s cattle in his name, with Sweeney’s permission, to help Sweeney avoid taxes and that Hughes was to receive 10 percent of the proceeds as his payment, the affidavit states.

That’s right, his excuse for selling the cattle was to commit tax fraud. Officer Wendel Hughes is a real man of genius.

Oh, he’s also more trusted with a firearm than average citizens.

(h/t Spike)

UPDATE: David from War On Guns links here with the funniest “Only Ones” title I’ve seen:

We’re the Only Ones Getting it Off Our Chest Enough


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