The fix?

Last year the Oklahoma state legislature passed open carry with a veto proof margin. The Democrat governor then vetoed it. Oddly enough the veto override vote failed with some switching sides and some not showing up for the vote. Clearly the vote was rigged from the beginning. Legislators who didn’t support open carry but wanted some “gun cred” got told they could vote for open carry because it wouldn’t really pass.

Based on the emails I am receiving from the Oklahoma Second Amendment Association it looks like the Fix is in again. This time they know the governor will sign pro-gun legislation so they can’t pass along a little “gun cred” to those that need it. But they can still muck everything up my not letting bills out of committee. But this is the Internet guys, you can’t hide this stuff any more.

If pro-rights bills don’t make it out of Rep. Sue Tibbs and Sen. Barrington‘s committees we will remember. Any aspirations you have for running for office outside of your enclave will suffer for it.

If you live in Oklahoma, please contact your representatives and let them know how you feel about this issue. Infringements of the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution aren’t a gun issue. It is a civil rights issue. Our civil rights are being violated by Oklahoma law. Infringements on our rights to free speech or religion wouldn’t be tolerated and neither should our right to arms.

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