Monkey Dance

I guess what Charlie Sheen is doing, even though it is not in front of a camera, qualifies as a monkey dance. Now that he is doing it live on twitter you can get doses of crazy all day long. So long as you don’t happen to be one of the women he is abusing (or their father), I guess it is entertainment. I thought on Two and a Half Men he got to showcase his crazy and get over paid for it, but maybe he needs an HBO reality show instead.

All in good fun. However, what am I to make of this:

Yes, that is the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s department following Charlie Sheen; sandwiched in between “snarkandboobs” and UFC’s Dana White.

Other than a other government agencies and maybe a few NGO’s (like the Red Cross), I can’t think of why the Sheriff’s department’s official twitter feed needs to follow anyone. Because I generally like the Oklahoma County Sheriff lets all assume they are ‘following’ Charlie Sheen for law enforcement purposes. Considering the swath of trouble he leaves wherever he goes, cops should probably try to get him to wear a GPS ankle bracelet.

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