Commit right now, carry all the time

If you are going to get your concealed carry permit, you should commit to carrying your firearm all of the time you are legally allowed to. Charlotte Maughan has her permit, but when two dogs in her neighborhood started attacking hers, she had to go back to the house to get a gun.

Brian Maughan [her son] said it was one of the scariest moments of his life.

“They shot after the dog, ripping her end to end,” he said. “The flesh (was) literally torn down to the bone.”

She goes back to the house, can’t find her gun (???) so she picks up her husband’s which she has not practiced with*.

The dogs picked up Mollie and dragged her through the street and other yards, Charlotte Maughan said.

“Blood was coming out of her mouth,” she said, “and I thought she was gone.”

Mrs. Maughan kills both of the attacking dogs and it turns out her dog is expected to recover. Good job and nice shooting there**. But her son takes the story to a scary place:

Brian Maughan said the event made him think about how vulnerable children or older adults would be to a similar attack.

“What if it had been a human being?” he said. “That’s just what was really scary about it.”

Mrs. Maughan is 60 so if the other older adults in that neighborhood are like her, then they be bad! But there is no reason it couldn’t have been a small child instead of her dog that was attacked. And if it had been Mrs. Maughan grandson being mauled by these feral dogs, she would still have had to go back home and retrieve her gun. Fate isn’t going to hit the pause button because you weren’t ready and need a time-out.

They say you shouldn’t time the stock market because you will never get the timing right. You’ll be too soon in or too late out of the market. Better to have a consistent investment strategy that pays off over time. Carrying arms and being ready for trouble, all of the time, is like having that consistent investment strategy. You are prepared all of the time, so when life doesn’t swing your way, you are ready for it.

Carrying a gun is mostly a colossal pain. The laws are stupid. The holsters are $100 of compromises. And going to the bathroom is a pain. However, I would never be able to live with myself if I had the training, the means, and the right to carry my gun and left it at home when something like this happens. And I bet you wouldn’t either. Carry your gun. ALL OF THE TIME.

h/t Spike

* This is why my wife and I train with and carry the exact same model gun. Husbands, don’t buy your wife some dinky .38 revolver. Shooting a 9mm has about the same kick as a firecracker. If she can handle the slide, then buy her the same big-boy gun you carry. One day one of you may need a gun and time you don’t have is ticking by while you fumble around with a gun you aren’t familiar with.

** I haven’t tagged this with the “On your own” category. That is because if you read the story you find out that along with Mrs. Maughan she had her son and several neighbors and all of them tried to help. The tried to help by throwing rocks, kicking, and wacking the dogs with rebar. What worked? 3 bullets from a 9mm handgun worked. Not screaming, throwing rocks, kicking them or hitting them; bullets, from a gun.

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  • Steve in TN  On March 3, 2011 at 3:14 pm

    But… I *carry* “dinky” .38 revolvers!

  • Scott  On March 3, 2011 at 3:54 pm

    I carry a “dinky” 38 when I am not suppose to carry.


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