I hate designing User Interfaces, but frankly I was much better at it in the days of Visual Basic. Then I could whip up a UI, add just a tiny morsel of linkage code and see how it all worked with a press of the F5 button. I am not sure why things aren’t that simple any more, especially in the Android development department. Anyway, while trying to come up with the UI design for an app I’m writing I was just stumped. Now to save the day is Pencil, a GUI prototyping tool that runs within the Firefox browser!

You can use Pencil to design all sorts of UIs. If you want to use it with Android, you can download some Android specific shape collections here. Make sure you grab the latest version of Pencil from their website. The version in the Firefox add-on market is old and doesn’t work with the Android shape collections.

I am just getting started trying it out. But it seems very cool. And free. Unlike Microsoft’s Viso which is cool but the opposite of free.

Now I wonder if there is any tool that will take my UI prototype and generate Android layouts from it?

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