Felony Or Not?

Which path makes you a felon?

Here in the great state of Oklahoma, we have our fair share of gun laws. Even though every frackin’ one of us is packing heat and itching to shoot, believe it or not, there are some restrictions on where we can take our heaters.

The above picture is from one of our finer dining establishments. You can wear jeans there, but a dinner for 2 will set you back probably $40 with tip. You are packing your 9 and on your way to see a man about a horse. The bathroom door is outlined in yellow. There are two paths; one red and one blue. Which path, if any, will land you in an Oklahoma state pound-you-in-the-ass-prison for several years and also cause you to lose many of your freedoms such as the right to vote and the right to own firearms?

No cheating.. decide now….

If you picked the RED path, then you are correct. That is technically the “bar” area of the restaurant. In Oklahoma you can carry in restaurants that serve alcohol, but restaurants that serve alcohol have to have a designated “bar” area. Taking your legally carried firearm into a bar is a felony in Oklahoma and we have a prison in McAlester that they will send an outlaw like you for several years if you pick the RED path instead of the BLUE one. Alter your route by a few feet and you alter your destiny.

President Obama, you show me a common sense gun law first. Then we’ll talk about supporting them.

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  • Bob S.  On March 22, 2011 at 10:59 am

    Texas is a little more sensible. State law allows firearms to be carried into establishments where less than 51% of income is derived from sale of alcohol consumed on site.

    Of course, that always leads to the question of it is more bar than restaurant or not.

    Those 51% locations are supposed to mark their locations so we know. Up until 2 years ago, it was offense for the CHL holder to carry even if the bar didn’t post the required signage.

    Now it is still against the law but no signs posted is an affirmative defense.

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