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I am now obsessed with having T-shirts made that say:

Compassionate Conservative:
Teach them to fish- then let them starve.


For the instructors

One of my instructors talks about 20/60/20 rule in martial arts. 20% of the people are highly committed and motivated and will excel with little encouragement. 60% of the people could do martial arts at some level but you have to reach out to them in a different way and hold their hands a bit along the way. 20% of the people can’t be reached because they don’t want to be. They don’t want to learn about personal protection, put the time in to learn how to do for themselves, they like things just the way they are: someone else being responsible.

So what about the bottom 20%. I’ve been told not to even waste my time on them. They are unreachable and effort spend there would be better applied to the other 80%. This is hard to accept. It is hard to accept as a Christian because Christians are taught to reach out to that same 20%; that all people are worth saving. It is hard to accept as an instructor because it makes me feel like a failure. A good instructor should be able to reach anyone right?

This weekend I went on a 2 day float trip down a river with a bunch of teenage boys. A few of the boys were headstrong and reckless, but still at least could and would take care of themselves. Most of the boys needed to be pushed and prodded and told every little thing to do, but would do it since it involved keeping them from dying or would result in getting them fed. But I saw something on that trip that here two days later I still can’t believe I witnessed. Two boys who would literally do nothing to help themselves. Not where they would sleep or what they would eat even. If it wasn’t carried for them or done for them they wouldn’t have it. One boy would not paddle his canoe at all, the other would only do it for show. Their canoe dumped so many times I can’t even count. Twice this put them in a potentially life threatening situation requiring rescue. But that isn’t what I saw that left me in disbelief.

As far as I know, these boys all came on this trip willingly; I don’t think anyone was forced. This river was in the middle of nowhere. The only way out of the trip was to make it to the next landing point in your boat. The kids at one time when I pointed this out said, “We could be airlifted out!”. Their master plan was to have a rescue crew and a thousand dollar per hour helicopter lift their asses out of the river trip. By the way, this river is in the middle of nowhere and most of it is surrounded by high cliffs. At the top of the high cliffs there were tons of trees. Most of the time a canopy of trees covered the entire area, river and shore alike. The only way this trip ended was at the take-out point. The airlift me out comment still wasn’t what I am having trouble coming to grips with.

At one stop, the last one before we made it to our take-out point, the boys boat had taken on water and needed to be bailed out before they could get in. The trip leader gave one of the boys a bucket to bail the water out. You’ll think I’m making this up, but trust me I am not. The boy didn’t want to bail the boat out, he wanted someone else to do it for him. I watched for several minutes while he bailed the boat out. He would scoop up the water and slowly pour it out…. back into the boat. Read that again. What does that mean for this kid? Not that he wouldn’t bail out the boat, if he just said “hell, no, I ain’t doin’ it,” I would understand that. He scooped up the water and poured it back into the boat. Then I watched him intentionally swamp the boat. He got what he wanted, several of the boys came over to get it out of the water, for him.

20/60/20… 20% of the people you just can’t reach because they don’t want you to.

Condition Black

Around 3 a.m. in Delray Beach, a “dark-colored Jeep brand SUV” bumped another car traveling north on Military Trail near Atlantic Avenue, Delray Beach police Sgt. Nicole Guerriero said.

She said the victim got out of his car to check whether it was damaged. The passenger and driver of the SUV approached him with a gun. The passenger shot the victim twice, but did not rob him or steal his car.

Just about 30 minutes later, West Palm Beach police responded to a shooting on Churchill Road near Olive Avenue.

In this case, the victim was hit from behind by a similar-looking SUV. When he got out of his car to check for damage, he was shot and robbed.

via Palm Beach Post

Authoritah! You must respect it!

What happened next would be hard to believe, except that Fiorino audio-recorded all of it: a tense, profanity-laced, 40-minute encounter with cops who told him that what he was doing – openly carrying a gun on the city’s streets – was against the law.

“Do you know you can’t openly carry here in Philadelphia?” Dougherty asked, according to the YouTube clip.”Yes, you can, if you have a license to carry firearms,” Fiorino said. “It’s Directive 137. It’s your own internal directive.”

The cops, department officials later admitted, were wrong. They didn’t know that a person who has a license to carry a firearm can openly carry it in the city.


In Philly, when they want you to respect their authoritah, they really want you to respect it. Even months later, when you were clearly in the right during the original encounter, even when the cops acted like ignorant profane thugs, totally ignorant of the law and their own procedures. They still want you to respect their authoritah! Fiorino records the profanity laced incident where agents of the government, ignorant of the law and their own procedures, stopped an innocent man, pointed firearms at him, threatened to kill him, detained and arrested him. But Fiorino wasn’t breaking the law so they eventually had to let him go. I’m sure it galled them to no end.

We know all about this now because Fiorino recorded the incident and posted it on YouTube. Once the Philly DA heard about it they launched an investigation! They were appauled at the behavior, ignorance, and unprofessionalism of the Philly cops.  Hahahahahhahahah… just kidding. No, DA had Fiorino arrested for “reckless endagerment and disorderly conduct.”

When you hear about people having no respect for the law, no respect for cops, and no respect and distrust for government. Think of Mark Fiorino, Philly cops, and the District Attorney’s Office. Fiorino was in the right against a completely ignorant, unprofessional, and frankly hot headed police department. But it is Fiorino who is now in the dock. For what? Contempt of cop of course.

Stop right where you are! You know the score, pal. If you’re not cop, you’re little people.

Oh yes, there will be blood

That is a bite from a Remington 870 pump shotgun as you would expect from my inexperienced hands. Lots of pistol and rifle classes, but this was my first shotgun. This happened on day 1 of the Polite Society Tactical Conference in Tulsa Oklahoma. So I’m sitting in my hotel room that night trying to figure out what to do. This is my support hand ring finger (or weak hand for most gun people, but other strong hand if you’re a Sayoc man). I have several hundred handgun rounds to shoot tomorrow. If it tears open while I’m shooting it will not only be a bloody mess, but will likely render that finger at least useless. If I pop it now, will it just become a mess anyway? Oh decisions, decisions… this is some of the advice my Facebook friends offered:

Brenna: ooooo pretty

Steve: Put some duct tape over it and carry on.

Andy: Do a moleskin doughnut, that’s the way to go. (ed note: I have no idea what that is)

Jim: Lance it with the tip of your Ka-Bar and then seal it off with superglue!

Jason: bite it open- lick the wound and carry on!

Randy: i say cut it open pour some gunpowder in it and light it.. just me….

Jennifer: If you weren’t shooting tomorrow, I’d say to leave it alone. Since you are, burst it and bandage it. I’m no nurse, but I am Emergency Response Team for my accounting department. So take that as you will.

Don: Slice it, squeeze it, cover it.
Then suck it up and get back out to the range.
Keep black electrical tape in your range bag, it helps cover wounds and it looks cool.

So none of these people have serious medical training, but most want me to pop the thing, so who am I to disappoint? I have several nurses as friends on FB, but apparently only one had the time to weigh in on my delima. Unfortunately she is a hospice nurse so she could only, “offer up all kinds of advice on how to stay comfortable and peaceful while you die.” Pretty sure I won’t die, so I decided to go with the majority decision. I didn’t have a ka-bar knife, so I went with my Kershaw tanto blade folder instead.

So here is my hotel surgery kit: Knife, gauze pad, band-aid, tape, and alcohol based hand sanitizer. I rubbed the alcohol on the knife and on my finger. After I cut it open and gushed out the blood, I rubbed alcohol over it two more times. Surprisingly, cutting it didn’t hurt at all. The alcohol however caused mild discomfort. And by mild discomfort I mean that some wallpaper in the hotel was melted off.

I didn’t post the bloody picture on FaceBook. One of my students bucking for a belt promotion, Jami, said, ” I’m for seeing the pics of the blood! Only a black belt from PMA Edmond would think of pouring alcohol on an open, bloody wound :-)”

My end of life counselor though had this comment, “I’m questioning a black belt from PMA worrying about a little tiny blood blister on his non-shooting hand to begin with. But, it sounds to me like you poured the alcohol in the wrong spot!”

I’d just like to say, (A) that thing was freakin’ huge! (B) Yes, I definitely needed some Rum to go with my operation, but alas was all out; when traveling alone, leave the alcohol at home. (C) What non-shooters don’t realize is that during a handgun class your shooting hand, the one you hold the gun with, doesn’t actually do much besides hold the grip and pull the trigger. It is the non-shooting hand, the weak hand, the other strong hand, whatever you want to call it that does almost all of the manipulation of the gun, magazines, and ammo. With a class to go to it was of some importance.

So how did the shooting go the next day? I wouldn’t know. When I woke up my shoulder and neck were so jacked up I never would have been able to draw my gun properly during class. Note to self: Go to force-on-force “Weapon Access in the Clinch” class co-taught by Guro Brandon Bennett of Relentless Training Concepts at the end of the weekend, never the start. That was a fun class though. The final drill called for fighting off two attackers and getting to your weapon. I stayed on my feet and busted my knuckles open on the face mask of one of the attackers. So yeah, it was really cool!

Seriously I learned a ton of stuff from Will Andrews, Guro Brandon, and many other professionals that were there. You don’t always have to shoot stuff to get something great out of a tactical class. Next year you should go too!

Yes, that is very true.



People always say to follow your heart. But what if your heart tells you to commandeer a ship, pick up a crew in Tortuga, raid, pillage, plunder and otherwise pilfer your weasely black guts out?

Be all that you can be.

The Navy awards the gold Trident medal to those who have completed SEALs training and have earned the right to be called a SEAL.

The same gold Trident can be bought at a military surplus store, and that’s where the Rev. Jim Moats of Newville got his.

Moats was never a Navy SEAL — even though that’s what he told The Patriot-News on Friday, and that’s what Moats has allowed his congregation at Christian Bible Fellowship Church in Newville to believe for five years.

Moats came to the newspaper office and acknowledged in an interview Sunday that he never was offered SEALS training in the Navy and that he never was accepted into the program, let alone completed it.


And here is the lesson for you kids, live your life to be the best you you can be and there will be no need to make stuff up later. The rest of the world will regard you as they would a super hero.

QOTD: Sparta

“The Spartans do not enquire how many the enemy are, but where they are.” — Agis II


The type-A adult personality says, “If there is something that needs to be done, I will be the doer of it.” The type-A kid personality says, “If there is something I can do besides what needs to be done, I will be the doer of it.” Yes, rough day with the kids today. Nobody died. That was the highlight.