Three Most Dangerous Places For Women

OKLAHOMA CITY — It happens when you least expect it– your innocence taken away in seconds. That’s how fast it can take to become a victim of assault, and May is the worst month for assaults in Oklahoma.

With the help of the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s defensive tactic coordinator Sgt. Jason Ruegge, News 9 hit the streets to check out the three most dangerous places for women.


This is a very useful article, surprisingly so. Of course this is Oklahoma not Illinois; as long as you ignore the Oklahoma City and Tulsa police chiefs who are tools our law enforcement community is generally pretty good.

If you haven’t read it, this is an article I wrote on how to safely move from a building to your car. Parking lots, whether they are at the mall, a gas station, or your own driveway are “fringe” areas where bad guys like to troll for victims. According to Tom Givens, parking lots are the most dangerous places decent people go. The majority of the 50+ shootings his students have been involved in happened in parking lots.

My #1 advice for traveling through fringe areas: actively look for and expect trouble. #2 advice: be able to quickly get a firing grip on your handgun.

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