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so long and thanks for all the fish

Well that’s it then. Nothing more to see.



QOTD: Time Machine

 “… shooting to kill can be a huge waste of time—time that would be better spent leaving. If you can shoot and scoot, that’s the ideal plan B. (Plan A was scooting without shooting.) And when your priority is skid-addling, you view your firearm in its proper perspective. It becomes what Ralph calls a time machine: ‘It gives me time to get my ass out of Dodge.’ True dat.” — Truth About Guns

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QOTD: Winning

“Nobody ever defended anything successfully, there is only attack and attack and attack some more.” — Gen. George S. Patton.

Bill of Obligations

I actually have a few liberal friends. Mostly because my kids are involved in stuff, like Boy Scouts, and people friend me. I’m pretty sure they wish they hadn’t. But the guy who posted this hasn’t unfriended me yet, even though I post comments like:

Unlike the first Bill of Rights, these all obligate someone else to do something for me. Doesn’t really sound like a bill of my rights, but more like a bill of services others must provide me. Nice idea until you run out of “others.”

Critical Information!

There is some critical information being presented here. I just know it! But I’ve watched the video over and over and I just can’t figure out what it is. If you are female and straight, can you please tell me what is in this video.

I’m tired…

  • …of people trying to raise my awareness. I have two whole day’s of crap packed into these next 24 hours. I’ll be asleep for 8 of them (if I’m lucky) which means I’m already completely screwed before I even hear about the plight of the rhesus monkey which you care so desperately about (this week).
  • … of being told I don’t need a gun in some situation or place. No matter what you say, I can Google up instance after instance of some goblin that needed to be put down in that situation or place. I’ll protect my family, myself, and even your unprepared ass if it is convenient. If I am deprived of the most effective tools because some pussy is “frightened by guns”, then I I’ve still trained very hard. My family and myself still have a good chance of making it out. You’re aforementioned ass is going to die.
  • … of hearing about how some dude is all prepared to fight the home invaders from the end of his fatal funnel and finding out he doesn’t have a fire extinguisher in his kitchen.
  • … of churches asking for money. Most have given up every legitimate biblical activity to the government in favor of building nice buildings, having a nice sound system for the “worship experience”, and making sure the pastor and his wife have a nice house and a Lexus. If you aren’t supporting missionaries, the widows, orphans, and poor with something more than sweet words about Jesus, don’t even bother asking.
  • … of telling people to stop using ‘Check In’ on Facebook. Some day you’re going to ‘Check In’ and one of your 1,231 “friends” is going to turn out to have a previously undisclosed drug habit that needs feeding. Say bye-bye to your TV, computer, jewelry, cash, and guns. What the heck is this in your nightstand? Did you get that from Christies?
  • … of liberals trying to get me to change my lifestyle. I’m not going to bother even paying attention until you go to legislate it. I know you will, it is your go-to move when you don’t get 100% compliance with your demands. That’s why I vote for politicians who support freedom and tune you out.
  • … of liberals, hippies, and radical youth threatening violence to get what they want. Liberals fear guns. Hippies would have to lie on question 11.e of form 4473. And most of the youth are too young to buy guns and have no money anyway. You know who is prepared for violence? Those of us in the fly-over states that you deride so much. We have all the guns. I can outfit an entire squad out of the back of my car on most days. Violence? Bitch please.
  • … of hearing about George Clooney’s awesome life.
  • … of trying to figure out if you’re quoting a song or getting ready to kill yourself.
  • … of ads trying to get me to move to California. I will never willingly visit, much less move to California, New York, New Jersey, or any other freedom crushing state. Eureka! you’ve found socialism!
  • .. of making this list.


Your Photo Op Sucks

  1. See that little lip there? That is where the web of your hand goes; its what it was made for.
  2. Crossing your thumbs doesn’t make your shooting extra lucky, it just makes it harder to manipulate the controls and robs the gun of stability on the left side.
  3. All of your shots will be going to the right; possibly into the next target. Just the tip of your finger is all we need.
  4. I’m old and it is getting harder and harder to keep both eyes open and focus properly. But when possible, keep both eyes open; sometimes bad guys pop up on the left side too.
  5. You’ll go blind that way.
  6. You’re not going to listen anyway, so I guess it doesn’t matter if you can hear after today.
  7. Tactical scrunchies are either black or camo and cost $80.

This is obviously a staged photo-op with no one shooting anything. But this is why I can hardly watch TV any more. I know too much. (nobody at no time ever can hack the Defense Department‘s encryption in 60 seconds from a borrowed laptop in a nightclub!!!)

Fingers are for boogers

Keep your bugger hook of the bang switch

Pick your nose, not the trigger

I don’t know what kind of gun that is, if I still have any readers left, maybe they do. But there is some little red flag sticking out of it and the mag well seems to not have anything in it. Which makes me hope that no one important is about to get shot who didn’t need shooting. But even if your messing around with the Noisy Cricket, your airsoft, or even a rubber training gun….rule #3 always applies:

Keep your booger hook of the bang switch! (until you’re on target)