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Fight the power

I was powerless to stop a total stranger from running her hands over the most private parts of my body as a condition of normal, ordinary business travel.

via Advice Goddess Blog.

Its vile and disgusting what is done by our government, in our name, for safety and security which it provides neither. But I would challenge Ms. Alkon and everyone else. You are not powerless. Don’t Fly. The sheep will fly. But even if everyone who knows this is wrong took a stand and refused to fly — changes would be made almost over night.

This is my pledge: I will never fly for recreation. I will only fly for work if it is required by my employer.

Since I work for myself and my brother owns a private plane, that last one doesn’t come up often. I live in Oklahoma and within a 12 hour drive are all kinds of amusements. We go to Florida at least once a year — it is a 2 day drive if we take our time — but we can get to the panhandle in a day if we work hard. Screw flying. Screw the nanny government. You are not powerless. Don’t fly and watch the government and the airlines come begging.


In the real world…

A 15-year-old high school student is recovering after being bitten by a police dog that somehow got out of a patrol vehicle.

The dog’s handler and two other officers were putting on a gun safety presentation at Nogales High School in Arizona on Thursday when the dog got out, police Capt. Heriberto Zuniga told the Nogales International.

Students suddenly ran into the classroom to tell them the dog was on the loose.

via  Mail Online.

In the real world, if this had been me, I would be in jail and my dog would be on the chopping block awaiting a judges order to euthanize him. But since this was a .gov operative, the only one in actual peril is whoever opened the car door.

Also, I’d just like to call B.S. on the fuse lock thingy. My personal opinion is that someone is covering for a cop who forgot to lock the door. But even if true, would that explanation fly if it were my car or would I be held responsible because I should have checked the door to make sure it is locked? What I just can’t understand is why we continually let “Highly Trained Professionals(tm)” off the hook for mistakes the rest of us would hang for.

O’Rourke: If the 1% had less, would the 99% be better off?

That’s because I have a 13-year-old daughter And that’s all I hear, “That’s not fair,” she says. “That’s not fair! That’s not fair!” And one day I snapped, and I said, “Honey, you’re cute, that’s not fair. Your family is pretty well off, that’s not fair. You were born in America, that’s not fair. Darling, you had better get down on your knees and pray that things don’t start getting fair for you.”

via Marketplace from American Public Media.


Was Jon Corzine a rapacious self-seeker at Goldman Sachs, then a public-spirited man when he was in the Senate and in New Jersey’s governorship, only to revert to form when he went to MF Global? If you doubt that this is true, and suspect that Jon Corzine was the same guy all along, why would you want to give government more power?

via National Review Online.

That is a very good question.

What a life!

Nuclear physicist Lawrence H. “Larry” Johnston, one of the last survivors of the Manhattan project, died peacefully Sunday at his home in Moscow, Idaho. Millie, his wife of 69 years, and family were with him. He was 93.

Johnston designed the first atomic bomb detonator and is believed to be the only eyewitness to all three 1945 atomic explosions—at White Sands, NM, and in Japan at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, events that killed some 200,000 people and ended World War II. Johnston was assigned to measure the impact of the bombs.

via The View from North Central Idaho.

What a touching obituary about a great man who lived in a great time when this country could do fantastic things within a short amount of time. I wish I had known him.

We need a law to put a stop to this.

First, I’d just like to say that planking is probably not the only thing Kyle is a master of.

3…2…1… until some lawmaker suggests anti-planking law for the children.


h/t The Agitator

Doesn’t Matter

The problem with diagnostic monitoring, though, is that phone companies don’t say how they do it. What kind of information can they collect from your phone? How often? What do they do to ensure that the data isn’t personally identifiable? Over the last few weeks we got some answers to these questions. They’re not pretty.

via Slate Magazine.

This story has been peculating for a couple of weeks on the Android development forums before Slate picked it up. Mr. Eckhart has done a valuable service to everyone by uncovering Carrier IQ. But it isn’t because he discovered this one program. It is because it brings to everyone’s attention what should be obvious but apparently isn’t. The makers of your phone, the carrier, and ultimately the .gov (sometimes by warrant and sometimes not), either know or can find out everything that your phone does. Discovering Carrier IQ, and even uninstalling it won’t fix that. They own the hardware and the software that goes on it, they can do and hide anything in it to trap any data they want. If you use a cellphone, nothing you do while it is on is private.

I use only Android phones that can be rooted and have community supported ROMs installed. This means that instead of the phone company or even Google providing the software, a group of developers who I don’t know provide the software. That sounds insane when I type it. But those developers publish their source code, other developers not affiliated with them review it. And if I like, and I have, I can get the source and compile it all up myself. So there is little chance of carrier or Google spyware making it onto my phone. However, the carrier provided the hardware in the first place. They can have the hardware programmed to do anything they want. In addition, there is the radio firmware (just software that gets put on the device) and we still don’t get to have that source. Although I make an effort for my phone to be as secure as possible; I’m still boned.

Most likely your life, like mine, is so boring that no one will care about what is on your phone. But that doesn’t make spying right or acceptable. However, right and acceptable are not a possible goal here. You have the phone, expect the carrier, the software vendor (Google, Apple, RIM), and ultimately the police to have access to anything that is on it.

The only way to keep that from happening is to turn it off, remove the battery, and leave it at home. Preferably in small pieces from a authoritative hammering and all melted together in the fire.

Doing my part X 19

Concealed Carry Class

Saturday I taught my first firearm class. If the students complete the class they are eligable to apply for an Oklahoma Concealed Weapons license. Although there were several experienced shooters among the 19 students for my first class, most were first timers. The range portion of the class is still to come on Friday, but if no one dies, I might make it a regular thing.

It was a ton of work to get my Oklahoma Self-Defense act instructor certification. But I didn’t realize until today that through that vehicle I will get to evangelize the way of the gun and therefore freedom to a bunch of people. 19 people got exposed to firearms and freedom on Saturday. I think we’ll count Friday’s range time as the baptism. It is going to be….. wait… for.. it… Epic.

I intend to resist

Rather, the worst thing about it is its statist coerciveness.  You cross those moronic agents at your own peril, but why should that be? It’s because they, like so many bureaucrats today, are invested with the ineluctable power of the state. I always find it disturbing to witness the security lines at an airport: how like herding cattle or sheep it seems: a timid, passive, compliant crowd on the one side, an arrogant and officious corps of bureaucrats on the other. “Take off your jacket, take off your shoes, let me feel behind your belt, open up your sponge bag, throw away that water, that toothpaste, that shampoo.” And we do, grateful if only we escape closer scrutiny and are allowed to continue on our way. It is, as Glenn Reynolds observed, “just pathetic.”

via Roger’s Rules » Pilot, Co-pilot, and Gunner: or, Ending the TSA Tyranny.


There are two things our government would like me to do that I refuse to do. The first is I won’t ever, never, ever, ever, buy a Government Motors (GM) vehicle again (although I’ve owned several and will miss never owning a Blazer again). The second is, as long as the TSA exists, I will never fly unless I must do so for work. So far, I’ve flown one time in the last 5 years, and that was for work.

If you support the tyrannical aspects of the government, it only encourages them to grow even more invasive tentacles into our lives.