Fight the power

I was powerless to stop a total stranger from running her hands over the most private parts of my body as a condition of normal, ordinary business travel.

via Advice Goddess Blog.

Its vile and disgusting what is done by our government, in our name, for safety and security which it provides neither. But I would challenge Ms. Alkon and everyone else. You are not powerless. Don’t Fly. The sheep will fly. But even if everyone who knows this is wrong took a stand and refused to fly — changes would be made almost over night.

This is my pledge: I will never fly for recreation. I will only fly for work if it is required by my employer.

Since I work for myself and my brother owns a private plane, that last one doesn’t come up often. I live in Oklahoma and within a 12 hour drive are all kinds of amusements. We go to Florida at least once a year — it is a 2 day drive if we take our time — but we can get to the panhandle in a day if we work hard. Screw flying. Screw the nanny government. You are not powerless. Don’t fly and watch the government and the airlines come begging.

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  • Montie  On December 24, 2011 at 3:20 pm

    Well said and great advice. I follow ths same principles and if the idea got spread around enough you are right, things would change.

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