Remora No-Clip IWB Holster

SayUncle posted this link to Weerdworld’s talk of the Remora holster. Now frankly they had me at girls in their underwear and guns. But this is a good review and women are always asking me about carry options that fit their bodies and clothing choices.

That still is about as racy as it gets.

Watching her draw a gun from the holster, it didn’t seem like she could ever get a decent firing grip until after the draw. The best sort of holster should allow you to get a firing grip on the gun before it ever leaves the holster. Anything else leaves you having to adjust the gun in your hand when there is the greatest chance of dropping it, especially in adrenaline spiked condition. Of course, you can train for that assuming you train for stress while wearing the gear.

There are also situations where physical activity may be required (such as punching a guy, or lifting heavy boxes and moving them) and for those I like the positive retention of the gun I get from kydex and some leather holsters.

That said though, just like guns you carry when you can’t carry a gun (like a .380), if this holster suits you and you otherwise wouldn’t carry, then use this holster. I especially like the idea of using it for around the house carry where I may not always wear my tacticool pants.

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  • Weer'd Beard  On March 7, 2012 at 5:10 am

    Nope, you can get a full firing grip on the gun before you break it clear of the holster. Its just a question of how you let the holster body ride in your waistband.

    • trackerk  On March 7, 2012 at 7:58 am

      Cool. I’ll order one up for my Walther POS.

    • Dave H  On March 7, 2012 at 11:47 am

      I’ll echo Weer’d’s reassurance. The Remora’s pouch covers the barrel and trigger guard very effectively, but the pistol’s grip is in the clear. The holster’s grippy surface is pretty effective even without a lot of pressure from your waistband. When I first got mine I tried them (2 sizes) in drawstring jogging shorts with the drawstring left untied. I was able to get a full grip and extract the pistols with no issues. (The holsters did ride up a little higher, dragging my waistband with them, but not so high I couldn’t get the muzzles clear.)

      Now if I was carrying in a bikini, things might have been very different. But then the sight of an aging engineer in Lycra will probably discourage a lot of social interactions.


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