A Parent’s Guide to Surviving School Rampage Shootings

In studying every school shooting that has occurred in the United States, as well as many that have happened in other parts of the world, I have come to the conclusion that escaping the school is the best option for individual students in a school shooting situation.  Virtually all students who get out of the school (even if they have already been shot) survive.

via SurvivalBlog.com.

This gibes with what I’ve been told by other sources. It also gibes with what I know. Amateur shooters find it almost impossible to hit moving targets. Past 10 yards they can’t hit much of anything even it if is standing still. At 10 yards even good shooters would be hard pressed to get a hit.

So if you can, run. My kids are still in elementary school and I know they would do whatever the teachers say regardless. But from middle school on I will tell my kids, at the beginning of a school shooting, run. If they have to stop, then while they wait — improvise weapons and make a plan to fight.

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