Free at last

Jennifer is excited, but with every passing day I become more and more of a pessimist on just about any topic. Open carry has been passed before in Oklahoma, but it was all a sham so libs in a state not famous for tolerating libs could get some ‘gun cred’ knowing that it would eventually be shot down. This time, with the overwhelming majorities in the House and Senate and pro-gun statements from the Governor it sure seems like a done deal. But this is politics and remember my feelings about politicians and keep them close to your heart:

Politicians are bastard coated bastards with bastard filling and that goes double for the ones I like.

Their “principals” are not what you and I would consider to be principals; codes of conduct that we live our lives by. To most politicians principals are something to fake when necessary and ditch when no longer convenient. The nice thing about my philosophy is that when anyone of them actually does what they said they would and keeps from doing a wide variety of other awful things — I can have a little happy moment. Its a brief moment. Because I’m a pessimist.

A few paragraphs of caution.

If open carry for permit holders passes in Oklahoma, do not, I repeat, do not, strap on your favorite sidearm sans jacket and march out your door expecting a peaceful day. It will take time for the police to be retrained to the new world order. Some police will not be trained at all, and some will pretend they weren’t trained just to make your life miserable. Some will not know the law at all. It will take time to sort out. If you are one of the first expect to be illegally detained, have guns pointed at you, have your firearm confiscated, and even spend time in jail.

Either wait until the dust settles a bit, or plan your first outings expecting a confrontation. Have the law on your side. Open carry only if you have an Oklahoma permit, in good standing, on your person. Make sure you have your drivers license even if you are not driving; that is a requirement imposed by the SDA law. Only carry where it is undeniably legal. Do not carry in any business that is posted against such things. Do not carry anywhere near a school. When the police arrive comply immediately with any commands given. This is Oklahoma, not some communist country like California, Illinois, New York, or New Jersey. I expect the police will be polite and respectful, so you be so too. If they ask to take your firearm and/or search you use these words, memorize them (your lawyer will openly thank you for having uttered them):

I do not consent to any searches, but I will not physically resist.

It is impossible to stress this enough: do not resist or argue. The time to fight your battle is in court. The police will win any fight on the sidewalk. They have guns, tazers, batons, huge muscles and radios to call similarly equipped individuals. They will win. Do not resist.

Have your lawyers phone number memorized. If possible have a non-gun-carrying friend with you. They are on video duty. I recommend the Qik application for your cellphone.

I know, I know, shall not be infringed. Blah, blah, blah. None of that matters when your face is mashed into the concrete and several police officers have converged on your spot after a “man with a gun” call. Complete the water fowl alignment before they are pointing loaded guns at you. They may be well meaning, stalwart, well trained and upstanding police officers. But this will all be new to Oklahomans. Don’t expect it to go off without a hitch. Be a pessimist. Expect it go wrong for awhile.

Yes, I meant to say “shot down” because I thought it was funny. And yes I meant to say “When the police arrive” because NewsOK will have plenty of stories of that happening if people start open carrying.

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