Another one bites the dust

Authorities said a man who identified himself as the woman’s grandson called police at 8:12 p.m. to report that a burglary was in progress at the house, Officer Leland Ashley said. Three responding officers arrived four minutes later and entered the home through the back door, which showed signs of forced entry, he said.

As they entered, they heard the woman pleading for help and asking not to be hurt and saw a man hovering over her, Ashley said.

The officers ordered him to stop, and when he didn’t obey their commands, one officer shot him, Ashley said. He died at the scene.

via Tulsa World.

Self-defense experts, and amatures like me, like to talk about how the police won’t be there to save you and how you need to take responsibility for yourself. Its easy to find countless stories of the police arriving in time to take pictures, write reports, and start the manhunt for the killers. I’ve linked to a bunch here.

There are also lots of stories where the police get there in time, but wait outside until the water fowl alignment is complete and bad things happen inside.

In this case, the police were called, arrived in a reasonable time, they entered the house right away and shot the bad guy before he could kill the woman inside. That, in my humble opinion, is a story with a happy ending and it was brought to you by the Tulsa Police Department. I spend a lot of time bitching about cops here, but when they get it right, that deserves some acknowledgement too. Great work guys (or girls)!


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