Monthly Archives: April 2012

Easy Fix

We could fix this so easily. I know business travelers have little choice, but if every recreational traveler stayed home for 1 week Congress would sweep the TSA (and God willing Homeland Security) aside the next week. A week is easy. We can do a week. We’ve done it before. That week got us the TSA and Homeland Security. Lets sacrifice another week to get rid of them.


The Buffett Rule

I see that the campaigner in chief has a website where you can send letters to the editor to support The Buffett Rule. I fully support The Buffett Rule and happily used their tool to have my voice heard. They supply a form letter, but you can write your own. I didn’t think their form letter properly expressed my views, so I wrote my own. Feel free to use mine if you wish.

I support the Buffett Rule because I believe the illusion of fairness is better then actual fairness in the tax code. The Democrats have admitted that the Buffet Rule would not make the tinniest dent in the federal budget deficit. But the point is rich people should pay. They never pay enough or else they wouldn’t be rich any more. I also firmly believe that the distraction of the Buffett Rule will help re-elect President Obama so we can run the country into the ground at as fast a rate as possible. Mitt Romney and the right wing extremists support running the country into the ground at a moderate rate which is just not fast enough. Also, climate change, race dialog, and something about occupy.

Which VPN Providers Really Take Anonymity Seriously?

Last month it became apparent that not all VPN providers live up to their marketing after an alleged member of Lulzsec was tracked down after using a supposedly anonymous service from HideMyAss. We wanted to know which VPN providers take privacy extremely seriously so we asked many of the leading providers two very straightforward questions. Their responses will be of interest to anyone concerned with anonymity issues.

via TorrentFreak.