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LAWTON — A woman was struck in the chest by a bullet fired by a police officer aiming at a gunman outside a nightclub early Sunday, the Oklahoma Bureau of Investigation reports.

Jerry Ann Short, 24, of Lawton, was hit when the officer shot at a man waving a gun at a crowd of people about 1:45 a.m. at the Gate 4 Recovery Room nightclub in Lawton, an OSBI news release states.

Officers heard a gunshot coming from the parking lot outside the club where about 300 people had gathered. Officers approached the man and demanded he drop his weapon, but the man raised his weapon toward the group of bystanders, OSBI reports.

An officer fired a round but missed the man. The bullet hit a parked vehicle, went through several windows and hit Short in the chest, according to the news release. Short was treated at a hospital and released.

The man with the gun fled, the police officer reported.


Stories like this infuriate me. Did the “reporter” even spend 10 minutes on it? We know the name of the woman who was shot. We don’t know anything, at all, about the criminal except that he was a dude. If it had been a concealed carry permit holder that shot the woman his name would not only be in the article, unlike the police officer’s, but I suspect the article would be significantly longer and maybe on the 10pm news. But because a highly trained police officer made a mistake, nothing to see here, move along. Everyone makes mistakes.

You don’t need to click the link. I quoted the entire report for you. Here is just a short list of what should have been in the article.

  • The officers name;
  • The name of the maniac waving the gun around;
  • Maybe they don’t know his name; 300 people were there, no one knew the guy? Really?
  • A picture of the scene;
  • A description of where the officer, criminal, crowd, and Ms. Short were;
  • Yeah, what I want here are some 8×10 color glossy pictures with the circles and the arrows.

Note to “STAFF REPORTS”. Reprinting OSBI news releases is not reporting. If “reporters” would go back to being reporters maybe your industry wouldn’t be collapsing.

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