Stop the presses!

“We have been informed by the Indian Government: Department of Telecommunications that all bulk promotional SMS (more than five messages) has been blocked with immediate effect (from the 17/08/12) for all operators across India until the 1st of September 2012.”


My company has to send SMS messages to its customers all over the world. This is the message we received from our SMS gateway provider a few days ago. There was a bit of trouble there and the Indian government sought to put a lid on the problem by cutting down on communication rates. They have since raised the limit to 20 after public outcry over free speech limits. From the article this is the reaction from two people about the new limit:

But as calm was restored among northeastern migrants and voices against the SMS cap grew louder, late Thursday the government announced that the limit would be lifted from five to 20.

The move was met positively by most mobile phone users. “Five was pushing it too far but 20 SMSes suit me just fine,” said 19-year-old Sehar Mirza, a student at Delhi University.

Others agreed. “It’s only during festival time that I exceed more than 20 SMSes in a day,” said 16-year-old Anushka Mishra. “I have little to complain about,” she added.

The government there says you can only say 20 sentences a day. “Well, I only tell my mom I love her once a day, and other than ordering lunch I don’t really need to talk. So 20 sentences a day suit me just fine,” is how I read that. Kids these days.

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