You have made a catastrophic error in the victim selection process.

I am a geek; computer programmer by trade. I have been so for almost all of my professional life. I’ve written programs for hospitals, the military, and tons of Internet related apps. I’ve even written an app for Android phones. I am published in several magazines and contributed to computer programming books. That’s my job though, not my life.

I am not a police officer, never been in the military, and don’t get into fights outside of the gym. I have never killed a person. However, I have spent the last several years getting into the best physical shape of my life, learning how to fight with my hands, knives, guns, and improvised weapons.  A few years ago I realized that the police were not there to protect me personally.  I decided to be my own first responder. I would be responsible for my own and my families’ security.

I started by getting in shape. I couldn’t even do 2 pushups at the beginning. When I could struggle through 10 pushups I joined Premier Martial Arts under Jason Epps. I spent 4 years earning a Black Belt in Mixed Martial Arts. While training for my BB test I was doing 400 pushups in less than an hour every day. I converted 70lbs of fat into 30lbs of muscle during that time. Why? Because as Guro Harley says, “Physically fit people are harder to kill and generally more useful.” I am now a Krav Maga instructor at my school.

I train in Sayoc Kali, and have trained with the Sayoc Tactical Group. Defensive Rifle classes with John Farnham. Learned to pick locks escape and evade in both the city and country with Kevin Reeve and Kelly Alwood of On Point Tactical. I have attended several classes taught by Will Andrews.

None of that makes me an expert. Those guys are the experts. But I have spent a considerable amount of my time and money learning their ways and I will share that here.

I am a libertarian by nature. All government interaction with the public is done under the threat of force. I think there are only a few cases where government guys with guns should come to your house or hassle you, otherwise the government should stay out of it. That doesn’t mean that I have a problem telling you what you should do. I will frequently. However, if you don’t do it and you come to harm because of that I will say “Ha! Ha!” instead of coming to your house to threaten you with a gun.

I am a Christian by God’s choice. And I live in God’s country, Oklahoma.



  • Mike  On September 7, 2011 at 11:56 am

    Well stated. It’s always good to run across a geek with similar world views.

    Found your site through searching for SMB/CIFS for Xoom.

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