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Spoiler Alert



This is the Butler Creek Benchloader. It can load 30 rounds into an AR-15 magazine like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Here is a video of it being demonstrated:

“…filling them is a pain.” — doesn’t this guy have any kids? Seriously, my 7yr old daughter has never been so useful as she is when refilling all my magazines after a day at the range.

So why the WTF? title? Check this out:

$663.95??? WTF????  I guess if you are having to load a bunch of mags so Seal Team 6 can go to Pakistan and shoot Osama in the head it would make some sense. But I bet Seal Team 6 operators load each and every bullet into each magazine by hand.

Oh, and if you have a mix of old fashioned steel mags and new fangled plastic mags, you’ll need two of these bad boys. Have a mini-14 too, sorry, they don’t do that. I sure would like to know what the market is for one of these.

When open carry isn’t an option

Jennifer responds to my “Open Carry for Immodestly Dressed Women” (OCIDW) campaign with several tips on how, until the law is changed, women can dress “cute” (her words) and still conceal a firearm. She has some good suggestions (along with the name of a good holster maker). The Universe and by “Universe” I mean Internet now contains a video on every topic possible, so here is a video I recommend to all women that demonstrates how to carry a firearm concealed and still be “cute”. Not at the level required for the OCIDW campaign, but still cute. In the video, she wears several different outfits and then shows a holster/gun combination that can work into her wardrobe.

Note: I have nothing to do with the fact that the preview picture for the video is a girl with her pants unzipped. If I go missing do not hold my wife responsible; I deserved it.

I hope this is worth it…

Jennifer has an ad on her site for a line of t-shirts. The marketing for the shirts is done by aesthetically pleasing females like the one on the right. This may seem like a not-so-subtle attempt to get a picture of a hot chick on the blog, but bear with me. I have a point and it better be a good one because my wife reads this blog.

Jennifer relates this story from NewsOK:

Police arrested a man after a woman said she was attacked and raped Tuesday in the public restroom of a downtown Oklahoma City hotel

The victim, who was crying uncontrollably when officers arrived, reported she saw a black man about 30 years old standing in the restroom when she came out of a stall…The woman said she told the man to leave because it was a women’s restroom, according to the report. The man walked around a corner to the door, but the woman looked into a mirror and saw him standing there after the door opened and closed.

The victim began to scream and tried to run out, but the man forced her to the floor and pulled her into a stall, the officer wrote. The woman punched him and scratched him during the assault, she told police.

Of course we are all gun nuts and think everyone ought to posses the training and tools to deal with this goblin. “Instinct” even says in a comment to Jennifer:

A gun, a knife and mace. I made sure that my wife has all three. But the mace and knife are just tools to get you to a gun.

And what I would ask is, how is the young lady pictured above going to carry a gun a knife and mace dressed as she is (and I would add a flashlight to that gear list)? Most would answer that she isn’t and should change her dress to be more modest which would allow her to conceal the kit. But frankly, I don’t want to live in a world where hot chicks can’t dress immodestly at least part of the time. Even my wife, who at this moment is plotting how she will get back at me for this post, intends to let my daughter dress in tight jeans and t-shirts when she is older and might even allow her to wear pants with “Pink” stamped on the back. I’m not happy, but I also apparently have no say in the matter.

Women, and some men with better bodies than mine, like to show off and that doesn’t leave much in the way of places to conceal weaponry. But carry your tools you must, and you must do it as close to 100% of the time as possible. There is nothing more useless to you than a gun or knife you left at home.

In business it is bad manners to gripe about problems without offering solutions. So here is my solution:

Hot chicks should be allowed to openly carry firearms.

Since it would be discrimatory to limit the law only to hot chicks, the rest of us will get the benifit to. But I must caution that if a bunch of ugly fat guys go about flaunting their hardware then the law might get repealed for public decency reasons. Let the aesthetically pleasing members of our population take full advantage of the law for awhile until it becomes more normalized.

Some people, like Cleo Land at Heartland Outdoors are apparently against open carry and get quoted in articles saying dumb things like this:

“I prefer the element of surprise when it comes to carrying firearms,” Land said.

The problem is that we are talking about everyone’s rights. So Mr. Land is free to want the element of surprise while me, and immodestly dressed women, may want the “go away” factor an openly carried gun has. And if I were in the gun selling business frankly I would keep my trap shut about infringing or not infringing the rights of my customers lest it affect the gun buying public’s view of me and my business.

The anti-open carry jist of the NewsOK article which Mr. Land of Heartland Outdoors supports  is this:

“Opponents to the legislation said openly carrying a gun could make a person a target during a crisis situation such as a robbery.”

This is completely disingenuous which is why it is disappointing that Mr. Land got quoted supporting the anti-gun rights position. Why? Because opponents to the legislation never seem to be concerned that not having my gun at all, in the myriad of places I am not allowed to carry, could make me a defenseless victim.

You and I make decisions every day that affect our ability to protect ourselves and our families. What we wear, what tools we carry, what training we have taken and skills we have practiced. Ultimately it is you who will be standing, alone, in the bathroom stall with the evil in front of you. All of the decisions you’ve made up until then will affect what action you are capable of taking. You will be forced to compromise on all of those factors because you can’t be both heavily armed and comfortable at the same time. You can’t dress immodestly and carry “a gun, a knife and mace”. But it should be your compromises to make. The State will not be in that bathroom stall with you;  they should have no say in how you choose to protect yourself.

I just noticed this at the end of the NewsOK article:

“Wesselhoft said his legislation would allow more people to carry guns by eliminating the need for expensive conceal-carry classes.”

You jackwagons should have passed the law last year. It was always going to pass. But you just had to get your last lick in I guess. Last year’s law would have required open carriers to have a concealed weapon license. Apparently this years version does away with that. I’m OK with that, because I don’t think there should be a license at all, nor restrictions on where I can carry. But I know you libs sure like lots of licenses, fees, restrictions, indulgences, etc.. Sucks to be you.

Stealth Mode Off

Do you think this bag really needs a “Hidden Holster?” Would you not assume the guy carrying that has a whole bag of whup-ass?

Where do you carry?

The question came up in my handgun instructor classes of when people carry their guns. Survey says, some people carry all the time, some people almost never, with most carrying some of the time. If you don’t carry all the time, why not?

A friend of mine from church once said that he carries if he is going someplace dangerous and of course he always carries at the mall during Christmas shopping season. So apparently the mall during Christmas is also a dangerous place. My question is, if you know it is a dangerous place, then why go there at all?

Once I was going to buy a rifle from a guy I had only met online. The meet was scheduled for a truck stop off a major interstate. I asked a friend of mine to go with me and when I went to pick him up he was trying to decide what to bring. “Are you expecting trouble”, he asked. If I was expecting trouble I wouldn’t go. I told him “No” and he decided not to bring his pistol.

I wear a pistol precisely because I am not expecting trouble, but need to be ready for when trouble is expecting me. I don’t wear my pistol all the time. I used to be more flexible about it, but now I have adopted the carry philosophy of my friend Tony. He says:

If I’m wearing pants, I carry my gun.

I will soon be picking up a Walther PPS in 9mm and if I can find a belly band to go with it I think I can one-up Tony.

Tacti-cool Pants

Vests some concealed carry guys wear are derided as “Shoot Me First” vests by some because you should probably assume anyone wearing a vest these days is probably packing.

I think Tony might have found the first pair of “Shoot Me First” pants:

I, of course, will have to order several pairs. Kidding.

I have been wearing Tru-Spec pants for a couple of years now and really like them. The Kitanica site just totally turns me off. All of their “Gallery” pictures are mall-ninjy. I think they’d do better trying to also market them to hikers, climbers, and hunters. Guys like me might still buy them because we like to have a lot of pockets to carry crap, ninjas would still buy them because they have PALS straps, and hikers and climbers because they have lots of places for carabiners.

I still might buy a pair though  :-)…. nope still kidding… $160 a pair? Seriously? Good luck with that.

Ammunition To Go

I mail order most of the ammunition I buy because I shoot a lot and it is a little cheaper and definitely easier to buy in bulk and have it shipped. is good for finding low prices, but I almost always end up buying from AmmunitionToGo. Their prices are almost always very competitive but the most important reason is their customer service, e.g. my order today for 2,000 rounds of 9mm (I have two classes coming up):

I placed my order at 10:36am and almost exactly 3 hours later my 2,000 rounds of ammo is being shipped to me. I paid $0.19 a round if you figure in shipping. That is such a steal compared to just last year, isn’t it?

Welcome to my nightmare

It is like a vision out of your worst nightmare – being woken to find a gang of masked youths armed with pitchforks and axes smashing their way into your bedroom in the dead of night.

But in a series of horrific night-time raids these baby-faced schoolboys brought terror to sleeping residents.

via SayUncle and Mail Online.

This is not even close to my worst nightmare. They would be bringing pitchforks to a rifle and pistol fight. Between my wife and I we can bring 80 rounds of aimed fire to the situation within 5 seconds. The easiest part of their night would probably be my ten year old son repeatedly kicking them in the nuts. We would kill them.

If you have the resources, including both money and time, a home invasion is one of the easiest crimes to prepare against. It is your home after all and you have all the time in the world (compared to these creeps) to figure out how to keep them out and how to kill them if they won’t stay out.

Start with these steps:

  1. Big heavy doors with big heavy deadbolt locks; and
  2. Have a policy of always keeping the doors locked, even the doors to the backyard when no family member is out there; and
  3. Install an alarm system, have it wired to every door and window, always have it on, even when you are home; and
  4. Have a dog; a medium size one will do, he doesn’t have to be a killer, he just has to let you know when someone is around your house who shouldn’t be; and
  5. Acquire firearms and train with them, keep them readily available day and night; if you have kids train them to keep away from your guns, but don’t hide them from the kids (they will find them); and
  6. Have a 5 second plan for when goblins with pitchforks kick in your door in the middle of the night.

There are plenty of other things you can do, but steps 1-6 will make you a very hard target.

One other thing you should have is a plan for the aftermath of a home invasion. When the police get there say this:

I was in fear for my life. I want my attorney.

Say nothing else. Trust me, they will understand. That’s what attorneys are for and why the are called “mouth pieces.”

Parents of Briana Ojeda vow suit against city in asthma death of daughter

Briana Ojeda had an asthma attack Aug. 27 while playing in a Carroll Gardens park. Her mother was racing the wrong way down a one-way street toward a hospital when she was stopped by Officer Alfonso Mendez.

The 30-year-old officer, who has been suspended from the 84th Precinct in downtown Brooklyn, told her he did not know cardiopulmonary resuscitation – training all cops get in the Police Academy.

Mendez went with Carmen Ojeda to the hospital, where Briana died about an hour later.

via NYDN.

I’m not sure what she expected the cop to do. I have a kid with asthma. I can breath in his mouth until I turn blue and you know what I’ll have? Two people who are turning blue. As CPR is taught today it doesn’t even include rescue breathing, only chest compressions. If your kid has asthma then you have to carry an inhaler. If this was the kids first ever attack then it was just bad luck. If it wasn’t the first attack then the mom should have had the inhaler.

If you are planning your survival or G.O.O.D kit, make sure you have inhaler’s, a breathing machine, and plenty of meds to handle an asthma attack if you or your kids are susceptible.