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Nothing to see here, move along…

LAWTON — A woman was struck in the chest by a bullet fired by a police officer aiming at a gunman outside a nightclub early Sunday, the Oklahoma Bureau of Investigation reports.

Jerry Ann Short, 24, of Lawton, was hit when the officer shot at a man waving a gun at a crowd of people about 1:45 a.m. at the Gate 4 Recovery Room nightclub in Lawton, an OSBI news release states.

Officers heard a gunshot coming from the parking lot outside the club where about 300 people had gathered. Officers approached the man and demanded he drop his weapon, but the man raised his weapon toward the group of bystanders, OSBI reports.

An officer fired a round but missed the man. The bullet hit a parked vehicle, went through several windows and hit Short in the chest, according to the news release. Short was treated at a hospital and released.

The man with the gun fled, the police officer reported.


Stories like this infuriate me. Did the “reporter” even spend 10 minutes on it? We know the name of the woman who was shot. We don’t know anything, at all, about the criminal except that he was a dude. If it had been a concealed carry permit holder that shot the woman his name would not only be in the article, unlike the police officer’s, but I suspect the article would be significantly longer and maybe on the 10pm news. But because a highly trained police officer made a mistake, nothing to see here, move along. Everyone makes mistakes.

You don’t need to click the link. I quoted the entire report for you. Here is just a short list of what should have been in the article.

  • The officers name;
  • The name of the maniac waving the gun around;
  • Maybe they don’t know his name; 300 people were there, no one knew the guy? Really?
  • A picture of the scene;
  • A description of where the officer, criminal, crowd, and Ms. Short were;
  • Yeah, what I want here are some 8×10 color glossy pictures with the circles and the arrows.

Note to “STAFF REPORTS”. Reprinting OSBI news releases is not reporting. If “reporters” would go back to being reporters maybe your industry wouldn’t be collapsing.


The rumored Walther PPK revolver spotted in the wild.


Via Washington Rebel

From the No Truth in the News / No News in the Truth Department.

Ryan Holiday
 could be called an “expert.” As head of marketing for American Apparel, an online strategist for Tucker Max, and self-styled “media manipulator,” he can talk social media and modern advertising with the best of them – he’s done so both online and in print on countless occasions. He is not an expert in barefoot running, investing, vinyl records, or insomnia. But he is a liar. With a little creative use of the internet, he’s been quoted in news sources from small blogs to the most reputable outlets in the country talking about all of those things.

— via Forbes

No truth in the news, no news in the truth

The public radio show This American Life has retracted an entire storyline told by comedian and self-described Apple fanboy Mike Daisey that aired in early January after Daisey’s translator said he made up significant details of the tale.

via  Yahoo! News.

According to Daisey’s translator, whom another reporter tracked down, she never saw the worst of the abuses that Daisey claimed. Abuses such as child labor, poisoned workers, and armed guards. Why didn’t the professional journalists at This American Life talk to the translator to corroborate his story? “Daisey told them he lost her cell phone number.That is some really amazing effort there guys. Really what that tells me is that it fit with what the producers felt should be right, so it must be right. Heck, I think that might actually be the definition of prejudice.

Anytime someone just knows they are right, but are caught in the wrong with a big smelly bag of lies on your doorstep, you just know what they are going to say:

Daisey, however, stands by his original storyline. “It uses a combination of fact, memoir, and dramatic license to tell its story, and I believe it does so with integrity,” Daisey said on his blog.

That’s right, its fake but accurate. I don’t think integrity means what Daisey thinks it means. And trust once lost is hard to regain. But I don’t put much trust in the media any way. There may be awful things going on in factories in China, but when you know they’ll lie, I’m sorry, use dramatic license, then how can you believe anything they say?

BREAKING: CBS to report tonight on ’Project Gunwalker’ – National gun rights |

Mike Vanderboegh of Sipsey Street Irregulars and this correspondent have been working behind the scenes with CBS News to help them provide the first television network coverage of the unfolding “Project Gunwalker” story.

Each of us has spoken at length over the telephone with correspondent Sharyl Attkisson and communicated via email with producer Christopher Scholl.


The press release says this will be on CBS Evening News with Katie Couric at 6:30PM Eastern.

This just in: I will actually watch the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric (or any other host) for the first time I can remember in the last 10 years. I wonder if there will be any truth in the news tonight?

Target selection process

I must confess that I am no counter terrorism expert. I train and prepare a lot more for Sammy Stickup than Johnny Jihad. But I’ve never understood the terrorist fascination with planes. Back when they could hijack a plane, try to get some jihadies released from prison (did they really do that, or was that just in the movies?), I could see it. But since we all expect them to blow them up anyway, why the focus?

This mall is a soft target compared to commercial aviation. You could place and explode bomb(s) here and not even have to die to do it. So why don’t they? I suspect it is because making bombs is hard and there aren’t nearly as many terrorists capable of pulling off the building, placing and detonating as some would have us believe. I’m not about to go conspiracy rant here. It is in the jihadies best interests for us to believe they are many. It’s in the media’s best interest for us to believe the threat is high so we’ll keep watching their news reports. It is in the .gov’s best interest (at least Homeland Security, CIA, FBI, TSA). Lots of conspiracy to go around then.

What to do if Johnny Jihad goes shopping

My basic plan for Johnny Jihad trying to blow up the mall I am in is to hope the blast isn’t near me and that I don’t get trampled to death by the fleeing horde. To that end I will share my two concrete pieces of advice for leaving a building that several hundred of your closest friends are also trying to leave.

First of all, mall stores are typically store fronts, meaning there is a store behind. If you go through a store you are likely to find tunnels/hallways in back that can lead you out of the mall while the rest of the crowd tries to get out through the general admission doors. I know the mall I often go to is like this because I used to work there. Some stores may not have access to the hallways, so you’d best know which ones do. Hint: The ones you saw being renovated, but never saw any equipment, men, or materials entering or leaving; they have secret tunnel access.

If you do have to exit a door which a crowd of others are trying to exit, you should politely wait your turn.. while you are either crushed to death by the crowd or shot, blown up or burned to death by Johnny and his friends. If that doesn’t sound too good, then go to the wall next to the door. Studies (which I can’t find now) show that the flow out the door moves faster at the sides than it does in the middle. So press in from the sides and you’ll get out the door faster. As a bonus, you may not get trampled because except for a few seconds, you won’t be standing in front of the door anyway. Think of it as cutting in line; the line of Life.

I’m pretty sure I know nothing about spotting Johnny Jihad before be goes kerplowey. This guy seems to know something about it (Warning: rough language). I can’t vouch for it, but I like anyone who gives me an easy to follow list of precursors to danger.

Central News Network


Here is Panetta testifying before congress:

“I have the same information you do,” Panetta told lawmakers. “There is a strong likelihood that Mubarak may step down this evening;  which would be significant in terms of where, where the, hopefully, orderly transition in Egypt takes place.”

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper defended the U.S. intelligence committee, which he said has been steadfast in monitoring events in the Middle East, but which appeared surprised by the protesters in Egypt, Tunisia and Yemen.

and where did Panetta get that information:

According to a U.S. intelligence official, “The Director was clearly referring to press reports alluded to by Chairman Rogers.”

But here comes the money:

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper defended the U.S. intelligence committee, which he said has been steadfast in monitoring events in the Middle East, but which appeared surprised by the protesters in Egypt, Tunisia and Yemen.

Watching CNN is not the same as monitoring events in the Middle East. I don’t need thousands of .gov bureaucrats spending millions of dollars to develop the intel about what is on Anderson Cooper 360 tonight; Cox Communications has already done the legwork thanks.

I think we need a Reynolds, “The country is in the very best of hands” here.

The Anti-Cop Trend That Isn’t

Salon’s Steinberg strangely came to her conclusion about “the pressing need to revisit the conversation on gun control” just a few paragraphs after she noted that gun sales have risen dramatically during the same 20-year period when police officer fatalities have plummeted. Last year there was an increase in officers intentionally killed on the job, from 41 to 58, which Steinberg characterizes this way: “In 2010 policemen killed on the job rose by nearly 40 percent, the greatest increase since 1974.” That’s true. But isn’t it more significant that these numbers have dropped to the point where 17 additional deaths now represents an increase of 40 percent? In any event, 2010 also saw the smallest increase in gun sales in six years.

via The Anti-Cop Trend That Isn’t – Reason Magazine.

Looking for a few good Quislings

We’re looking for a gun owner and 2nd Amendment supporter who is not opposed to the forthcoming McCarthy bill re: limiting magazine capacity.

via Snowflakes in Hell.

National Public Radio (NPR) is funded with your tax dollars and they’d like someone to speak about both sides of the hot-button political gun control issue. Those for gun control and those against not being for gun control.

Whadda you think he was sayin’, man?

Apparently we’re still watching what we say lest crazy people use it as a pretext for going on a murderous rampage and it is all our fault.

Here is Sam Kinison’s take on what sets crazy people off:

Charlie, why’d you do it?

“I heard the album. I heard that g****d White Album. Why don’t we do it in the road? Whadda you think he was sayin’, man? No one will be watching us.”

And you’re sitting there going: IT’S A F***N’ ALBUM! YOU WERE ON ACID, MANSON! IT’S A F***N’ ALBUM! You’d have gotten the same message out of the Monkees, you f***n’ d***d.

Sam must be heard and not read (not safe for Work, Kids, or innocent animals — seriously, use your headphones):