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Commit right now, carry all the time

If you are going to get your concealed carry permit, you should commit to carrying your firearm all of the time you are legally allowed to. Charlotte Maughan has her permit, but when two dogs in her neighborhood started attacking hers, she had to go back to the house to get a gun.

Brian Maughan [her son] said it was one of the scariest moments of his life.

“They shot after the dog, ripping her end to end,” he said. “The flesh (was) literally torn down to the bone.”

She goes back to the house, can’t find her gun (???) so she picks up her husband’s which she has not practiced with*.

The dogs picked up Mollie and dragged her through the street and other yards, Charlotte Maughan said.

“Blood was coming out of her mouth,” she said, “and I thought she was gone.”

Mrs. Maughan kills both of the attacking dogs and it turns out her dog is expected to recover. Good job and nice shooting there**. But her son takes the story to a scary place:

Brian Maughan said the event made him think about how vulnerable children or older adults would be to a similar attack.

“What if it had been a human being?” he said. “That’s just what was really scary about it.”

Mrs. Maughan is 60 so if the other older adults in that neighborhood are like her, then they be bad! But there is no reason it couldn’t have been a small child instead of her dog that was attacked. And if it had been Mrs. Maughan grandson being mauled by these feral dogs, she would still have had to go back home and retrieve her gun. Fate isn’t going to hit the pause button because you weren’t ready and need a time-out.

They say you shouldn’t time the stock market because you will never get the timing right. You’ll be too soon in or too late out of the market. Better to have a consistent investment strategy that pays off over time. Carrying arms and being ready for trouble, all of the time, is like having that consistent investment strategy. You are prepared all of the time, so when life doesn’t swing your way, you are ready for it.

Carrying a gun is mostly a colossal pain. The laws are stupid. The holsters are $100 of compromises. And going to the bathroom is a pain. However, I would never be able to live with myself if I had the training, the means, and the right to carry my gun and left it at home when something like this happens. And I bet you wouldn’t either. Carry your gun. ALL OF THE TIME.

h/t Spike

* This is why my wife and I train with and carry the exact same model gun. Husbands, don’t buy your wife some dinky .38 revolver. Shooting a 9mm has about the same kick as a firecracker. If she can handle the slide, then buy her the same big-boy gun you carry. One day one of you may need a gun and time you don’t have is ticking by while you fumble around with a gun you aren’t familiar with.

** I haven’t tagged this with the “On your own” category. That is because if you read the story you find out that along with Mrs. Maughan she had her son and several neighbors and all of them tried to help. The tried to help by throwing rocks, kicking, and wacking the dogs with rebar. What worked? 3 bullets from a 9mm handgun worked. Not screaming, throwing rocks, kicking them or hitting them; bullets, from a gun.


Time Management

When trying to come up with a TODO list, it is important to have a way to prioritize tasks so you know what to work on first and what can wait until like, next Sunday. This matrix may help. Tasks that are Urgent and Important need to be done now. Tasks that are not urgent and unimportant can wait until next Sunday or whenever your wife’s relatives are visiting.

Ideally you want tasks to appear in quadrant 2. That way you are only working on things that are important, but you get to decide when to work on them. Unfortunately life isn’t always like that, events come up and and your priorities have to shift. Such as when this happens:

and some dude punches a 5’1″ girl holding a video camera. Kicking his ass instantly jumps ahead of all other tasks in my ToDo list to as both Urgent and Important. I’m unimpressed with “I have a masters degree” conservative wussy with his “whoa, whoa” comments. As soon as goon touches that girl he should have taken action. If you’ve been in my Krav classes this week the combination we have been working would have been perfect: Jab, cross, lead elbow, rear elbow, hammer-fist and a knee to the cobblers for good measure.

I’m glad to read that Ms. Hale is Ok.

Recognizing when it is time to kick someone’s ass is actually pretty difficult for nice guys to do. You’re going to have to spend some time outside of the dojo and gun range thinking about the situations that you would take action in. A girl getting punched by a guy for holding a video camera is a no-brainer.

Web Breakdown

This is already over the blogs, so you’ve probably already read about it. If not, make sure you check out this description before you read on. Contrary to what I was taught in High School journalism class, the reporter seems to have trouble reporting the How, What, Why, Where, and Whens of the story. So the timeline is a bit muddled. I will try to break down some essential bits of the story into bite size lessons.

1) Despite what your administrators, legislators, and law enforcement officials tell you, the guns are already on campus (and everywhere else you go).

An argument between Justin Macklin and former student Austin Morrow, 20, near the Business and Aerospace Building building resulted in Macklin shooting the other in the hand, according to police and an alert issued by the school.

This happened on a college campus in a state where it is illegal to carry a gun on campus, so right now you know that Macklin was breaking the law. Since we was the student and Morrow the former student, Macklin was likely breaking the law yesterday too, and the day before that. Which is to say, people are carrying guns on campus right now regardless of the law.

2) Your disarmed classmates (or coworkers) probably aren’t going to be much help.

Christopher Hamrick was heading into the student union building when he passed the two men causing a commotion, he said. “There was a slight argument between a tall, black fellow with plaid shirt and khakis jeans,” Hamrick said. “It just sound juvenile, high school.” He said he didn’t think much else about.

“I kept walking and heard a shot behind me,” said Hamrick.

Even if there are other people around you, they may not realize the seriousness of the situation. They may not even want to help. Or events may transpire so quickly that no one could intervene even if they had the desire and ability to help.

3) The police will come, but that won’t help if you are already under attack.

Police with high-powered guns rushed to campus.

I’m glad they left the .22 shorts at home and brought real guns. But that didn’t help Morrow who was already shot. No cops were there to act as his personal security detail. There aren’t enough details in the story, so it is also possible that Macklin was justified in shooting Morrow. If that is the case, then no cops were there to protect Macklin from Morrow either. You are on your own.

4) The police may not be rushing in to confront the attacker. You may have to deal with him yourself.

After the shooting, police said, Macklin tried to hide in a classroom building, but police surrounded the building and took him into custody when he tried to leave [by blending in with other students leaving the building]. The weapon, a .32-caliber revolver, along with two small bags of marijuana, were later found in the building.

The argument and shooting happened outside, then the suspect ran into a building with other students and faculty present. The cops then rushed in and immediately apprehended…oh wait… they surrounded the building and waited for the suspect to come out. This may be a sound tactical decision for the police, I am not a cop. But if Macklin had been an active shooter then several more people are getting shot while the police are outside waiting.

Since there is no timeline in the story I can’t say how long he was in there before coming out. No matter what, it takes several minutes for police to respond. The story says a SWAT team was there; that takes time to assemble too. However long it was, those people in there with him, while the police were waiting outside, were on their own. None of the people college students might expect to protect them where there.

5) Priorities: secure your immediate surroundings; harden your position.

Jamie Smith, 20, a pre-dental major, said she was in history class with 50 others when they received a text alert from the school saying there had been a shooting in their building. “Everybody just started running toward the windows to see what was happening,” she said.

Oh good grief. The proper response to being informed that someone has been shot in the building you are in is not to run to the windows. Windows are neither cover nor concealment. If the bad guy is out there and fights it out with the cops, you are now possibly down range in a gun fight.

The proper response in this case, especially if you are not armed, is to immediately secure all of the entrances to the room you are in. Don’t just lock the doors, but stuff like desks and bookcases in front of them. Next, arm yourself with whatever weapons you can find or make. Finally get down out of the window line. Preferably behind items that can act as cover (cover is something that will actually stop a bullet) and that give you sight lines to the room entrances. If you have a gun, make sure there are no other people between your cover position and the doors. If you don’t have a gun, make sure lots of people other than those you love are between you and the doors.


You must be ready to handle the situation yourself. Others are not likely to help and the police will take several minutes to arrive and when they get there they may not intervene immediately. When there is a reported shooter in your building you can either attempt to flee or stay in place. Both are valid options. If the cops are on the way or outside, you should probably stay and secure your position.

Because I used to be an optimist

I should know better, but every time a big winter storm comes through with snow and low temps I tell my wife, “Well, at least we don’t need to worry about home invasions right now; bad guys are lazy and won’t come out in weather like this.”

Don’t worry, the last vestiges of optimism in me are dying.

News Release
Homicide # 1 of 2011
Date Posted: 2/3/2011 10:03:27 AM
Case Number: 11-008514

Incident # 11-008514


Victim:  McKinney, Jeremy Daniel (I/M, DOB: 5/9/1977) of Oklahoma City


Last night (2/2/2011) at approximately 11:35 p.m., Oklahoma City Police were called to 3500 S. Goff.  The call initially came in as a burglary, but then was quickly upgraded to a shooting.  When officers arrived they discovered the victim, Jeremy McKinney, dead at the scene.  He appeared to have been shot to death.


Investigators believe that two men forced their way into Mr. McKinney’s residence and attempted to rob him.  An altercation broke out between the suspects and Mr. McKinney.  During the altercation Mr. McKinney was shot.


The suspects are both black males with medium to skinny builds.  Both looked 18 to 20 years old.  Anyone with information should call the Homicide tip-line at 405.297.1200.


MSgt. Gary Knight



It ain’t over until it is over

Freire said that when the disturbance escalated and the group began cursing, his wife called the manager, who asked several of the teenagers to leave the theater. The couple said they thought the fracas was over until they walked out of the theater and were assaulted by a mob of menacing teenagers.

Via FoxNews

I tell my students all the time, “The fight isn’t over until you are at home with the dog inside, the doors locked, and the alarm on.”

Parents Melanie and Aaron Richman Attack Carjacker in Kansas City to Save Their Baby

They were standing just a few yards away, talking to family in the final hours of a long road trip, when a man jumped into their idling car at a Kansas City, Mo., gas station and sped off with their 6-month-old daughter strapped in the back seat.

via AOL News.

The parents run the car down, bust out the windows and proceed to beat the guy. Never give up, never surrender! Watch the video available at the link.

Cops say you should call them and not be a “hero”. I wonder how that would have worked out here?

Man in critical condition after robbery and shooting

Cale Bolene, 23, said he was in a car in a parking lot at 7145 Melrose Lane about 2 a.m. when he was approached by a man with a gun. The man robbed him and shot him, Master Sgt. Gary Knight said.


Parking lots, the most dangerous place decent people go. At 2am in a parking lot, no one should be allowed to get anywhere near you. All unknown contacts should be considered hostile until they prove otherwise, mostly by them leaving the area.

Man Fights Off Car Burglary Suspect In Bricktown Parking Lot

OKLAHOMA CITY – A man has been arrested for breaking into and attempting to burglarize two vehicles in a Bricktown parking lot.


Nothing like this ever happens to me. If it were just me and my wife the first thing the bad guy would have thought is “WTF?” as my wife took out his legs. It would have gone down hill for him from there. 911 would have been called once he was “passive.”

Everyone thinks that a home invasion is the most likely scenario for gun use, because if you have two brain cells to rub together you don’t go to dangerous places.

When Tom Givens lists the places his students have had to use their firearms it sounds like this:

  • Mall parking lot
  • Grocery store parking lot
  • Gas station parking lot
  • Wal Mart parking lot
  • Office building parking lot

Very few home invasions. Very few of anything besides parking lots. Why? Because those are fringe areas where bad guys can encounter people where there aren’t a lot of witnesses.

With that in mind, I have promoted my Parking Lot Protocol to a page linked on the side bar. I’ve also updated it with a tip I learned from SouthNarc. He used it to keep dealers from stealing his “buy money”, but it is equally useful for the rest of us.

Ex-Stillwater officer pleads guilty to sex charges

A former Stillwater police officer has been sentenced to a year in the county jail after pleading guilty to sex charges involving a teenage girl.


I have to disagree with the victim’s mom on this one. She says the case “ended the way that it should have.” The police officer was sentenced to a year in jail and a 10-year suspended sentence. Here’s the problem, he was a school resource officer. He was put in the school to protect the students and instead he preyed on them. To me that merits quite a bit stiffer sentence. This is at least as atrocious as a father who abuses his daughter. Louis Morris should be doing more than a year.

Doesn’t she shop at WalMart?

According to KOCO:

Officers said a [Midwest City, OK] woman woke up to find two men breaking into her home.

The Illinois State Police knows a thing or two about how to handle someone attacking you and have some recommended weapons for you to use:

  1. nail file
  2. rat tail comb
  3. teasing brush
  4. pens and pencils
  5. keys
  6. anything rigid

If none of those work they recommend throwing up on them. This poor Oklahoma woman apparently did not have any recommended weapons like a nail file or teasing brush. She had to make do with common household items, like a handgun:

The woman told police she was asleep with her two young children in the house when a loud noise woke her up. She thought it might have been an earthquake and called her husband at Tinker Air Force Base. After learning no earthquake had been reported, she heard another noise and went to investigate, armed with a handgun.

The woman told police she encountered two people attempting to steal a flat screen television from the living room. She fired several rounds.

One person collapsed immediately and the second opened the front door and ran from the house, [Police Chief Brandon] Clabes said.

One young man is dead, one is in the hospital, and a third is in jail. I hope this mother of two takes time to go to WalMart’s beauty section and properly arm herself against violent attack. Her husband might appreciate it if she fixed herself up a bit too since she lacks even a teasing brush.