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Too stupid to own guns any way.

More than 600 concealed-carry permits in Franklin and surrounding counties are invalid because three men issued falsified training certificates to the applicants, Franklin County Sheriff Zach Scott said today.

via The Columbus Dispatch and SayUncle


I’m not sure what it takes to become a concealed carry instructor in Ohio. It took me going to a 3 day Instructor course and probably about $1,000 with class, ammo, and filing fees. I actually drove to another state and took a beginning firearms class with the same instructor after the Instructor course because I wanted to see how the class was actually taught.

If Oklahoma’s requirements for instructors are close to Ohio’s then these guys are going away for felony-loose-your-rights-forever time to save $1,000. That is $1,000 they could recoup easily assuming they have access to a range to conduct classes. Stupid isn’t a crime, but the condition can certainly lead to it.

But there is a bit of funny in this story:

One undercover officer obtained a certificate not only for himself but for his sister, who wasn’t even there during the transaction, Scott said. 

Scott said some of the people who received the certificates were duped, but others probably knew they weren’t fulfilling the requirements. 

Recipients of the letters will have 14 days to respond to the sheriff’s office and come up with a plan to receive the correct training. If they do not contact the sheriff’s office, their permit will be suspended and they could face felony prosecution for providing false information for their CCW application, he said. 

Anyone who knew the certificates were phony has committed one crime to avoid another. The penalty for filing the false paperwork to get your license = Felony. The penalty for carrying a concealed firearm without a license = Misdemeanor.

I’m not a believer in ‘may’ issue, but those who knew the certificates were bogus are too stupid to own guns, much less carry them in public. Can we maybe make an exception this one time?


Don’t come around here no more.

About the latest push to do something that will accomplish nothing, Chuck Schumer says:

“Maybe we could come together on guns if each side gave some,”

Mr. Schumer thinks both sides of the gun control debate should give a little to get some “common sense” gun control passed. The problem is our side already gave away almost everything already. We’ve been clawing it back infringement by infringement since the 90s. Here is the only compromise I (and my money and my vote) are willing to make: You don’t want any guns, don’t buy any.


“Hollywood, this is Maverick. We are low on Gatorade and target pasters. I say again, we are low on Gatorade and target pasters. Over.”

via View From The Porch.

Senators Thune and Vitter Introduce Reciprocity Bill with more than 25 Cosponsors – Gun Owners Of America

Today, Senators John Thune R-SD and David Vitter R-LA introduced legislation to recognize national reciprocity for gun owners who can legally carry concealed firearms in the state where they reside.

via Gun Owners Of America.

You clicks the link. You goes to the bottom of page. Take action. You go now.

Protect Your Guns

I don’t watch the news enough to be a good blogger. Luckily Jennifer does. Yesterday some 11-12 year old kids were home alone and one of them got out a rifle from under the ‘rents bed so he could show the other kids. Bad things continued to happen and the kid accidentally shot one of the other kids. According to the reports, the 12 year old girl who was shot will recover which is great news in this otherwise sad story.

“Dumb children may get a hold of your guns and shoot each other. If your children are dumb, put them up for adoption to protect your guns.”

Like Jennifer I love my kids and don’t really want to put them up for adoption (I might sell them for medical experiments though if the price were right). So all my kids from the earliest ages have been taught about guns. Here is what they were taught when they were little:

  • How to tell the difference between a toy gun and a real gun; if you aren’t 100% certain — then it’s a real gun.
  • Do not pick up or touch a real gun without Daddy’s say so.
  • If you ask permission from Daddy, you may touch and handle any of Daddy’s guns whenever you want.
  • You may not touch or handle any other gun, no matter who says it is Ok, unless the who is Daddy.
  • If you break any of the above rules, you will never go to the gun range again — ever.

And when I first went over these rules with them I got out every gun I owned, unloaded them, and put them on the bed for the kids to all see. Then, while talking about and practicing safe gun handling, I let them touch and hold every gun they wanted. We did this several times; any time they asked. Guns are no mystery to them. They aren’t nearly as cool as the Nintendo 3DS Ultra Mega Game Star Platform.

My philosophy is whatever I make a mystery, my kids will actively seek out. If I make it mundane and boring even they won’t give a crap. This theory is panning out. I have no idea what to tell or when to tell my kids about sex. So it is a mystery that my soon to be 12yr old keeps trying to investigate. He is such a good hotness detective that we have banned all Internet capable devices from the kids rooms lest grown up versions of Selena Gomez or Miley Cyrus teach them before I figure out what to do.

Other people’s kids though may be dumb so when friends are over all the guns go away into the safe.

I can’t let a couple of things in the news report pass. If you’re tired of me ranting about the press, just skip this part.

“The boy cleared the gun’s chamber and removed the magazine, police say. Investigators believe a round was still inside the weapon.”

No he didn’t. Either the reporter got it wrong or the police got it wrong. If he removed the magazine and cleared the chamber, then no round could be in the gun. Also, duh, if it wasn’t in the weapon then he would have had to throw it at her. Not sure what the muzzle velocity of his right arm is, but I’m pretty sure Nolan Ryan couldn’t hurt you with a .22 bullet.

“Witness reported to police that an 11-year-old boy was holding the gun when he accidentally squeezed the trigger.”

This isn’t an error, I just think it funny that when cops have a negligent discharge the gun “goes off” by magic and unknown forces. But here this kid squeezed the trigger.

My mind

For some reason when I read this post by Joe Huffman I thought it should have been accompanied by this picture.

Free at last

Jennifer is excited, but with every passing day I become more and more of a pessimist on just about any topic. Open carry has been passed before in Oklahoma, but it was all a sham so libs in a state not famous for tolerating libs could get some ‘gun cred’ knowing that it would eventually be shot down. This time, with the overwhelming majorities in the House and Senate and pro-gun statements from the Governor it sure seems like a done deal. But this is politics and remember my feelings about politicians and keep them close to your heart:

Politicians are bastard coated bastards with bastard filling and that goes double for the ones I like.

Their “principals” are not what you and I would consider to be principals; codes of conduct that we live our lives by. To most politicians principals are something to fake when necessary and ditch when no longer convenient. The nice thing about my philosophy is that when anyone of them actually does what they said they would and keeps from doing a wide variety of other awful things — I can have a little happy moment. Its a brief moment. Because I’m a pessimist.

A few paragraphs of caution.

If open carry for permit holders passes in Oklahoma, do not, I repeat, do not, strap on your favorite sidearm sans jacket and march out your door expecting a peaceful day. It will take time for the police to be retrained to the new world order. Some police will not be trained at all, and some will pretend they weren’t trained just to make your life miserable. Some will not know the law at all. It will take time to sort out. If you are one of the first expect to be illegally detained, have guns pointed at you, have your firearm confiscated, and even spend time in jail.

Either wait until the dust settles a bit, or plan your first outings expecting a confrontation. Have the law on your side. Open carry only if you have an Oklahoma permit, in good standing, on your person. Make sure you have your drivers license even if you are not driving; that is a requirement imposed by the SDA law. Only carry where it is undeniably legal. Do not carry in any business that is posted against such things. Do not carry anywhere near a school. When the police arrive comply immediately with any commands given. This is Oklahoma, not some communist country like California, Illinois, New York, or New Jersey. I expect the police will be polite and respectful, so you be so too. If they ask to take your firearm and/or search you use these words, memorize them (your lawyer will openly thank you for having uttered them):

I do not consent to any searches, but I will not physically resist.

It is impossible to stress this enough: do not resist or argue. The time to fight your battle is in court. The police will win any fight on the sidewalk. They have guns, tazers, batons, huge muscles and radios to call similarly equipped individuals. They will win. Do not resist.

Have your lawyers phone number memorized. If possible have a non-gun-carrying friend with you. They are on video duty. I recommend the Qik application for your cellphone.

I know, I know, shall not be infringed. Blah, blah, blah. None of that matters when your face is mashed into the concrete and several police officers have converged on your spot after a “man with a gun” call. Complete the water fowl alignment before they are pointing loaded guns at you. They may be well meaning, stalwart, well trained and upstanding police officers. But this will all be new to Oklahomans. Don’t expect it to go off without a hitch. Be a pessimist. Expect it go wrong for awhile.

Yes, I meant to say “shot down” because I thought it was funny. And yes I meant to say “When the police arrive” because NewsOK will have plenty of stories of that happening if people start open carrying.

Do what you want

The craftsman is more important than the tool and the warrior is more important than the sword, but the great artisans or swordsmen don’t use sub-par implements.

via Gun Nuts Media.

I like this quote from Caleb and I figure most people reading this blog would too. But really I like this one even more:

“If all you want to do is go to the range once a month and turn money into smoke and noise, that’s awesome.  Stay safe, have fun, and buy all the guns you want.  Seriously, there is nothing wrong with just being a firearms enthusiast and shooting for giggles.  There are plenty of guys that do that, and their money is just as good as mine.”

I like to encourage people to be the best warrior they can be; that’s just my thing. But I don’t think less of you because you’ve decided your time, talent, or treasure is best spent somewhere else. And frankly it ticks me off when gun guys, martial artists, self-defense people talk about ‘sheep’ like we are somehow better than they are. We’re not. We’ve made insurance calculations and decided to put some money down on the “bad guy” scenario. That others decide to put their insurance down somewhere else (like the police) is Ok. I think that is a bad bet, but it is theirs to make and not everyone who disagrees with me is an idiot.

When I hear people talking about the “sheep” and how clueless they are, while the talker is “prepared” I sometimes want to ask: So where is your firetruck? You’ve prepared for one kind of threat, but what are you doing to mitigate risk in other areas? You’re “prepared” within the means of your time, talent, and money. That others don’t share your priorities doesn’t mean they are “clueless.”

Oh, and Caleb, if all the men and women I know who own guns shot just once a month, I would be delighted. 🙂

That’s Why

A boy was walking along the beach after a particularly strong tide had washed hundreds of starfish up and stranded them. The starfish were dying. A man watched the boy as he walked along the beach. The boy would walk a little, reach down, pick up a starfish and throw it back into the ocean. The man called out, “Why are you doing that? It can’t possibly make a difference.” The boy reached down, picked up a starfish and threw it back into the ocean. “Made a difference to that one,” he called out.

Violent crime was at its hight in the 1990s and has since been on a downward slope. Your chances of being the victim of a violent crime are very low. If you mitigate a few risk factors, such as not using/selling drugs, not living in or going to bad parts of town, not walking alone through vampire infested parks at night, then your chances of being a victim are vanishingly small. I get that. Yet, still I carry a firearm almost all of the time. I trained long enough and hard enough in martial arts to earn a first degree black belt. I go to seminars to either learn how to shoot better or learn how to fight better at least once a year.

Airplane pilots have a saying: There is nothing more useless than sky above you. If a pilot is in an emergency, the first thing he wants is lots of sky below him to give him time to respond. This is why I train. Not because I expect trouble. But because when trouble comes there will be no time to train. No time to arm. No time even to pray. When trouble comes you’ll have nothing but what you brought into that moment.

Prepare. Carry your tools. You may be one of the unlucky few. If so, I guarantee that preparation will make a difference to you.

Will it pass?

Today, House Bill 2522 was given final passage in the House by an 85 to 9 vote and will now be sent to the state Senate for consideration.  This bill, authored by state Representative Steve Martin (R-10), is an NRA-backed omnibus firearm bill which would make significant improvements to Oklahoma’s gun laws.


Those improvements include open carry. You’d still need a permit, but your permit would be good for open and concealed carry. We’ve come very close a couple of times, but the fix was in on those and they were never real opportunities for open carry. They were just opportunities for anti-gun politicians to get a little ‘gun cred’. But I suspect this time if it passes Gov. Fallin would sign it.

The BlueOklahoma blog is against the open carry bill. They start with:

“The national open-carry movement is fueled by the false claims that there’s too much gun control in this country and that there’s some type of stealth movement to actually take guns away from people.”

I have no idea how people would get that idea. The article goes on to list the reasons open carry of firearms is “NOT a good idea for Oklahoma” (keep in mind open carry without a permit even is the allowed in Alaska, Vermont, Arizona, and Wyoming).

“The supporters of these bills have offered no good, practical reasons to have open carry in Oklahoma. Why do we need it? Is it simply an exercise in ideology?

I’m not sure why anyone needs to provide a reason to express a constitutional right. To put it another way, what’s need got to do with it? But if you need some reasons, okay, I’m game. Currently if a concealed firearm is inadvertently revealed by lets say a gust of wind or while getting out of a car, then the holder is technically guilty of a crime. Believe it or not most gun owners are law-abiding and we hate being guilty of any crime. There are also times when concealing is difficult and constraining. I’d like to take my coat off when I sit down for dinner. I also wouldn’t mind being able to throw a frisbee to my son without also wearing a sweatshirt in June.

“Open carry could lead to more accidental shootings. What if a gun is not properly holstered?”

How is this different from concealed carry? This is an argument for education and training, not for restricting constitutional rights. If your worry is that a gun that is not properly hostered could fall and accidentally discharge then you shouldn’t concern yourself. Modern handguns are drop safe. They will not fire when dropped accidentally. Yes, I know, you are always hearing about people dropping guns and then the gun “goes off”. I’m sorry, but this does not happen–they lied. Guns go off when someone or something pulls the trigger. Dropped guns go off when people try to catch then and instead catch the trigger. Again, this is an argument for education and training which I’m all for. Lets add safe gun handling into the education curriculum for our kids so things like this don’t happen.

“People will get frightened when they see a group of people walking down the street carrying weapons. The fact is that guns scare people. Imagine walking to a restaurant in Oklahoma City’s Bricktown and encountering several men with weapons. Open carry has a real potential to hurt the state’s image and its tourist industry.”

I don’t care. I’m sorry, I hate to seem heartless, I’m actually a really nice guy. You can ask any of my students and I bet they would say the same. But how you feel about something is not my problem and is in fact your problem. And since you are scared of inanimate objects, I have a hard time even getting worked up about making you feel better; especially when it infringes on my rights. We heard the same canard about tourism when Florida first passed their concealed handgun bill in the 90’s. I still have to book my condo in Destin, Florida months in advance.

As for walking into a restaurant and encountering several men with weapons let me tell you about two encounters with armed men at restaurants I have had. First was in Q’doba when I saw two morbidly obese men in polo shirts and kaki slacks sitting at a table ,both with handguns clearly visible on their hips. The second was at Buffalo Wild Wings when there was a table of men (and women by the way) in everyday shirts and blue jeans sitting at a table all with guns on their hips. No one seemed bothered by it. Every one of these people had a small medallion on their hip right next to their gun identifying them as a representative of the state. None of them were in uniform. Just normal clothes. Guns on their hips. Neither group looked like professionals in any profession, much less police officer.

Any police officer in this state can open carry a firearm while off duty. They do so all the time. Out of uniform. Open carry is already legal in Oklahoma; but only for representatives of the state.

“A person openly displaying a weapon will leave themselves more open to criminals, who might try to steal the gun. This could lead to more gun violence.”

Because every day I hear about how criminals walk up and steal cops guns. I hear stories every day from Alaska, Vermont, Arizona, etc.. where this happens too. Oh wait. I don’t. Because criminals are mostly cowards. How many times in this article am I going to read “could” as a reason to restrict constitutional rights. Would “could” be an acceptable reason to restrict any other constitutional right real or imagined? I think not.

“Police officers responding to a crime scene might have problems discerning culpability if people are carrying weapons around the area.”

Please add “might” to “could” on the list of “would accept it as a reason to restrict any other constitutional right.” Police have this problem anyway. People were, are, and always shall be carrying weapons around any area. Police should and do assume that everyone is armed and until proven otherwise, a threat. How do I know this? I train with cops. One of their favorite homilies is, “He is always They, and They are always armed.

“A national study has shown that a vast majority of women, in particular, are opposed to open carry.”

What, what, what? Seriously, this is a reason? I love women. I married a women. I have a women for a daughter. Heck, even my mom is a women. But I fail to see how majority rule of one gender should be a factor in how a constitutional right is exercised. If that’s how you want to play it though, I guess we’ll go there. The House voted 89 to 5 to pass the bill. There is a majority for you. Why did they vote that way? Because their constituents, a majority of the ones who vote for them, wanted them too. There is a majority for you. A majority of all Oklahomans. Majority rule shouldn’t carry the day for rights, I don’t think you would like that standard for any other right, but you went there.