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Stop the presses!

“We have been informed by the Indian Government: Department of Telecommunications that all bulk promotional SMS (more than five messages) has been blocked with immediate effect (from the 17/08/12) for all operators across India until the 1st of September 2012.”


My company has to send SMS messages to its customers all over the world. This is the message we received from our SMS gateway provider a few days ago. There was a bit of trouble there and the Indian government sought to put a lid on the problem by cutting down on communication rates. They have since raised the limit to 20 after public outcry over free speech limits. From the article this is the reaction from two people about the new limit:

But as calm was restored among northeastern migrants and voices against the SMS cap grew louder, late Thursday the government announced that the limit would be lifted from five to 20.

The move was met positively by most mobile phone users. “Five was pushing it too far but 20 SMSes suit me just fine,” said 19-year-old Sehar Mirza, a student at Delhi University.

Others agreed. “It’s only during festival time that I exceed more than 20 SMSes in a day,” said 16-year-old Anushka Mishra. “I have little to complain about,” she added.

The government there says you can only say 20 sentences a day. “Well, I only tell my mom I love her once a day, and other than ordering lunch I don’t really need to talk. So 20 sentences a day suit me just fine,” is how I read that. Kids these days.


From the Department of the Obvious

Unclear on the Concept

Uncle, and just about everyone are talking about the shooting in Florida. Just so we are clear. If you chase the guy, you aren’t standing your ground. Do anti-gunners and liberals understand basic concepts? If the police in Florida would have otherwise arrested the shooter except for the Stand Your Ground law, then they messed up. Cops make mistakes, go figure. It sounds like, however, that the case is a lot more complicated than the sound bites would have us believe. Not sure if anyone knows if this was a good or bad shoot yet.

Since I have students though, let me make sure everyone understands. You are not a cop. It is not your job to arrest people. It is not your job to chase someone down who done you wrong. If the guy is fleeing, then he is not an immediate threat and you can’t shoot him. Maybe none of that applies to the Florida situation, but CCW holders should be clear: Protect your life. If your life is not in danger or your body at risk of serious harm, you can’t use deadly force.

Time Machine

The Emperor

Instant Pep Talks

Thanks to Borepatch, I got reaquainted with the 300 “Come and get them” speech. I liked it so much I wanted to make sure I could always find it. So I created a box on the page called “Instant Pep Talks”. That speech along with a few others for different occasions are now available for whenever you need them. Here is the current list:

Quickie: when pressed for time.
2min: a statement of principals; although I don’t condone the methods.
The Big Speech: when a stupid and futile gesture is required.
Intro: close your eyes and pretend he’s talking about you.

Some of these contain naughty words. Enjoy.


I hesitate to ask after the abysmal remake of Rollerball, but you know what movie is ripe for a remake? Logan’s Run. Watched the first bit of it on Netflix the other night. Very painful now. The book was good though when I was a kid. Wonder who should play Logan 5?

O’Rourke: If the 1% had less, would the 99% be better off?

That’s because I have a 13-year-old daughter And that’s all I hear, “That’s not fair,” she says. “That’s not fair! That’s not fair!” And one day I snapped, and I said, “Honey, you’re cute, that’s not fair. Your family is pretty well off, that’s not fair. You were born in America, that’s not fair. Darling, you had better get down on your knees and pray that things don’t start getting fair for you.”

via Marketplace from American Public Media.

What a life!

Nuclear physicist Lawrence H. “Larry” Johnston, one of the last survivors of the Manhattan project, died peacefully Sunday at his home in Moscow, Idaho. Millie, his wife of 69 years, and family were with him. He was 93.

Johnston designed the first atomic bomb detonator and is believed to be the only eyewitness to all three 1945 atomic explosions—at White Sands, NM, and in Japan at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, events that killed some 200,000 people and ended World War II. Johnston was assigned to measure the impact of the bombs.

via The View from North Central Idaho.

What a touching obituary about a great man who lived in a great time when this country could do fantastic things within a short amount of time. I wish I had known him.


The hard stuff, even the very hard stuff, is never as hard as I thought it would be. The easy stuff, even the very easy stuff, is always close to impossible. I think this is why God invented alcohol.