Pistol Qualification Course, 2009

(taken from the January 2010 Rangemaster newsletter; I haven’t been able to find this description online anywhere else, so here it is)

In 2009, the FBI undertook once again to modernize and upgrade the pistol qualification, to make the shooting skills that are reinforced be more in line with the type of shootings plain clothes investigators are likely to face. One improvement was the change from the Q target to a modified version that cutsoff at the diaphragm, instead of extending down into the pelvic region. Also, the QIT-99TCA target has the new hit zone shaded into a graphic target, that is a photo illustration of a man pointing a gun at the agent. The new target is a vast improvement over the Q target. Also, the new course has to be shot from concealment, since that is how agents are armed 90% of the time. The new course was designated the PQC-09 (Pistol Qualification Course, 2009) and is being phased into field training for FBI agents all over the country. The new course is as follows:

3 yards Draw and fire 3 rounds using the dominant hand only, switch the gun to the non-dominant hand and fire 3 rds with that hand only, all in 8 seconds.

5 yards Draw and fire 3 rounds in 3 seconds. This is done 3 times.

7 yards Draw and fire 4 rounds in 4 seconds. Do this 2 times.

7 yards Start with 1 round in the gun. Draw and fire 1 round, perform an empty gun reload, and fire 5 more rounds, all in 8 seconds.

15 yards Start at the Ready. On signal, fire 3 rounds in 5 seconds. This is done 3 times.

25 yards Draw and fire 4 rounds Standing, drop to Kneeling and fire 4 rounds, drop to Prone and fire 4 rounds, all in 50 seconds. Shooter must reload during the string.

This again makes a 50 round course, with 2 points per hit in the QIT vital area, with an 80% minimum passing score.This is a fairly relevant test of defensive shooting skills. Rangemaster adopted this course, with a 90%  minimum score for candidates in our Instructor Courses, starting in October, 2009.


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